Statue Awards!

Welcome to the annual STATUE AWARDS!

At the end of every year we, as collectors, gather together the best of the best and come to a consensus on the best statues of the year.

Each year there are more and more companies continually competing for our dollars and our display space.  It seems that producers are upping the ante with unique and creative designs to catch our attention.

Our Statue Awards team works throughout the year to evaluate hundreds of statues across various categories, and we are pleased to present our nominees for each category at the end of every year.  Remember, these are only our nominees, and collectors can vote for any statue you like, even if it is not on our list.

The following categories are included in our event (Best Bust, Best Gaming Statue, and Critic’s Pick were new in 2017).

Best Small Scale Statue (1/9 Scale and under)
Think Koto Artfx+ and Iron Studios’ 1/10 Art Scale series…there are some impressive statues to choose from here.  These statues are definitely no small potatoes…

Best Medium Scale Statue (1/8 to 1/6 Scale)
Although Bowen is not currently making statues, some people will still refer to this category as the “Bowen Scale”.  Many companies are still thriving in this scale, like Kotobukiya , Tsume, DC Collectibles, Kinetiquettes, Tweeterhead, and Weta.

Best Large Scale Statue (1/5 to 1/4 Scale)
Considered by many collectors as the marquee category, this category will consider pieces such as Sideshow’s Premium Format Figures and Comiquettes, XM Studios, Blitzway, Pop Culture Shock, Prime 1 Studio and many others.

Best X-Large Scale Statue (Over 1/4 Scale)
The ever-growing 1/3 scale figures are starting to occupy more and more of our display shelves, so this category gets more and more exciting each year.  This category also includes those other overly large pieces like the Prime 1 Transformers (even though technically their scale is smaller than 1/4) are included in this category).

Best Bust (Any Scale)
Busts occupy a unique zone of the collectible hobby and deserve special attention.  That’s why this year we are separating all busts, no matter what size, into their own category!

Best Gaming Statue (Any Scale)
Many of us spent at least some of our free time gaming, whether online with some friends or an immersive single player campaign.  The characters and stories of these games have become meaningful parts of many people’s lives…that’s why these statues deserve special recognition.

*note* There is some overlap with the gaming statues and some of the other categories. It is entirely possible that the same statue could win Best Gaming Statue and one of the other categories above.

Statue of the Year
The winners from each of the above categories will be entered into a Statue of the Year tournament.  Prior to 2017, we conducted a bracket style voting tournament, where the eventual Statue of the Year had to make it through several 1 on 1 rounds of voting.  However, in 2017 and the foreseeable future, the Statue of the Year tournament will be a single round, winner-take-all style!

Best Statue Company
Every year it seems that new, exciting companies join the hobby to compete with the industry stalwarts.  Quality and design are continually being pushed to the forefront of the hobby, making this a great time to be a collector!  The best statue company should be chosen based on quality of product, creativity in design, customer satisfaction, quality of customer service, and just who makes the coolest stuff in general.

Critic’s Pick
In the past we have been asked what our choice would be for Statue of the Year.  So, we have decided to add the Critic’s Pick award (name subject to change), where our voting panel will reveal our personal choice for best statue of the year.  This award is a fun way to see how our choice may differ from the voting collectors



Best Small Statue: Venom Artfx+ by Kotobukiya
Best Medium Statue: Hashirama Senju by Tsume-Art
Best Large Statue: Darth Vader Legacy Replica by Iron Studios
Best X-Large Statue: The Dark Knight Returns Batman by Prime 1 Studio
Best Bust: Deadpool Life Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles
Best Gaming Statue: Link on the King of Red Lions by First 4 Figures
Statue of the Year:
Darth Vader Legacy Replica by Iron Studios
Panel Pick: Cable by XM Studios
Best Company: Tsume-Art


Best Small Statue: Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins by Weta Workshop
Best Medium Statue: Dragon Shiryu by Tsume-Art
Best Large Statue: Ghost Rider by XM Studios
Best X-Large Statue: Deathstroke by Prime 1 Studio
Statue of the Year:
Dragon Shiryu by Tsume-Art
Best Company: XM Studios


Best Small Statue: Hulkbuster Iron Man Artfx+ by Kotobukiya
Best Medium Statue: Magneto vs Sentinel Battle Diorama by Iron Studios
Best Large Statue: Magneto by XM Studios
Best X-Large Statue: Optimus Prime: Dark of the Moon by Prime 1 Studio
Statue of the Year:
Magneto by XM Studios
Best Company: XM Studios
Best Community Custom: Red Sonja “Bloody Chainmail” by Warren Rossi


Best Small Statue: Batman Black & White Harley Quinn (Bruce Timm) by DC Collectibles
Best Medium Statue: Batman & Catwoman: the Kiss by DC Collectibles
Best Large Statue: Captain America by XM Studios
Best X-Large Statue: Megatron by Prime 1 Studio
Statue of the Year:
Megatron by Prime 1 Studio
Best Company: XM Studios