The original, and longest running awards showcase for the Statue Collecting hobby is back! It has been a tremendous year for collectors, with new, exciting companies entering the hobby, along with industry veterans stepping up their game! 2018 was by far the most difficult ever for us to decide our nominations, and we feel safe in saying it will be a difficult decision for you to decide, too! But, we believe in the collectors choice, with their discerning eye for quality and fine craftsmanship. Now it’s time to decide the best of the best for 2018!

Before you head down to the vote form to have your say, be sure to read the rules of the competition below.

Watch the 2018 Statue Awards wrap-up show on Shelf Space below!

Statue of the Year

All of the winners from the categories below have been decided by the voters, and now all of the them are entered into one final round of voting. They are all champions already, but there can only be one Statue of the Year!

And the winner is…

Before we move on to congratulating Hand Made Object on the victory, we want to say take a moment and look at the results from the public poll:

Morrigan by HMO – 29.9%
Majin Vegeta by Tsume-Art – 29.9%
Portgas D. Ace by Tsume-Art – 26.6%

Not a word of a lie, it ended in a tie. We have had a single tie in one previous year (it was when Weta’s Frodo won Best Small Statue in 2016), but since it is so rare, we did not think to publish the tiebreaker rules. withholds its own personal vote until the end of each round strictly for this occurrence…if there is a tie, we break it. Luckily, we had the pleasant opportunity to review each of these two statues left standing, so we are very well informed about each one. It was an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT decision.

Majin Vegeta is a near flawless representation of an iconic scene from a globally successful anime, Dragon Ball Z. Although the light-up and the sound features are amazing, this statue boils down to simplicity. It does not need a plethora of display options or a base littered with monsters. When you break it down, it is Vegeta all alone, and it is the execution of his character that elevates this statue to being one of the very best of 2018. Producing these characters may seem simple because of the source material it is drawn from. But, a tremendous amount of time and skill is put into bringing these characters to life in three dimensions, ensuring the proportions and anatomy look good from all angles. The artists at Tsume pour their hearts into this, and they achieved something special with Vegeta. We extend a heartfelt congratulations to Tsume for a monumental performance this year, taking home FOUR awards.

But, there can only be one. What swayed our vote in the end was the innovation and risk taken with Morrigan. The realistic eye technique developed by HMO was a daring choice, and one that we feel will propel this hobby forward. It’s one thing to do it for a prototype made by a top artist. It is another thing entirely to put a never before used technique it into production, and pull it off so splendidly. Add this unique feature to an amazing paint scheme and “so real you want to touch it” skin effect, and you are left with such a striking statue that it is hard to look away. We believe that all of the statues we nominate are worthy contenders, but only one can come out on top at the end. For 2018, Hand Made Object’s Morrigan is Statue of the Year. To the good people at HMO, please accept our most sincere congratulations, and we cannot wait to see what 2019 brings for you.

How are the Nominees Selected?

Throughout the year, we tracked the reveals and releases of over 50 companies, which resulted in over 450 statues in 2018! With our own extensive research and internal deliberations, along with your fan write-in nominations (which ran from December 1st to December 24th), we have curated 8 to 10 nominees in each of our categories that we feel best exemplify excellence in this wonderful hobby. When considering statues, we are looking for distinction in design, sculpt, paint, quality of the end product, and innovation.

We stand by our nominees, but we recognize that not all collectors will agree with our selections. That is why our nominees are only meant to highlight what we feel were the best releases of the year, and we DO NOT restrict your votes to these statues. You can use the ‘Other’ option on the form to cast your vote for whatever statue you feel is worthy in each category.


Voting to determine the winner of each individual category will commence on January 7th, 2019 at noon EST and close on January 9th, also at noon EST.

After the winners are determined and revealed, Statue of the Year voting will commence on January 10th at noon EST and will close on January 12th at noon EST. The Statue of the Year winner will be revealed on January 13th (time to be determined)!

Photo Credit

Photos used in our banners are generally official product images from each individual company. The individual photographers are unknown; however, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to these people for providing such excellent quality images. A handful of the photographs used are our own.

Please note that the side by side images on the banners are not to scale and are not meant to indicate the relative size between statues.

Eligibility Period

Statues released during the period of December 26, 2017 to December 25, 2018 are eligible for the 2018 Statue Awards.  The statue must be shipped and IN HAND with collectors during this period in order to be eligible for the 2018 Statue Awards.

Licensed Only

We can all appreciate some of the great “fan art” out there, but this competition is for licensed statues only.

Statue Size

The statues in our event are generally separated by scale, as noted in the categories below. However, some statues have to be moved around to a category that better suits them. Transformers, for example, strictly speaking would usually fall into the Small Statue category based on scale. However, these whopping 30″ plus statues simply do not belong there, and get moved to the X-Large category that is much more applicable. So, basically, we’re saying that there are exceptions to every rule. We carefully consider each statue and where it belongs in our competition.


We do our best to make sure all of the information about each statue is accurate. But, we are only human, so if you see any errors or you can fill in some of the missing information, feel free to contact us!

Best Small Statue

This category generally includes statues roughly 1/9 scale and smaller. Last year’s champion, Kotobukiya, has a “forceful” entry this year…can they repeat as champion in 2018, or will one of these other nominees steal the throne away from them? Here is a list of our nominees for Best Small Statue of 2018 (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Spider-Man by Royal Selangor
Sculpted by: Mufizal Mokhtar, Design by: Alan Quah, Retail Price: $500 USD, Approx. Size: 11.5″ Tall
Why we chose it: Royal Selangor has been quietly producing quality pop culture themed collectibles for some time. but what makes them special is the medium they are produced in: pewter. Their statues have to be carefully textured and sculpted to fully utilize the tin-copper metal alloy, allowing the various washes to bring out the detail. We believe this Spider-Man really represents what they have been doing so well thus far.

2. DC Bombshells: Batman & Catwoman
Sculpted by: Jack Matthews, Design by: Ant Lucia, Retail Price: $250 USD, Approx. Size: 11″ Tall
Why we chose it: Ant Lucia’s retro, 1940’s inspired re-imagining of the DC universe has been successful for many years, spawning statues, mugs, t-shirts, variant covers, prints etc. The statue line has been going strong for 5 years now, with this Batman & Catwoman being the 27th piece in the line. This playful diorama proves that the line is showing no signs of slowing down, as it masterfully captures the retro feel. See the 360 degree video from DC Collectibles here.

3. DC Cover Girls: Batgirl by Joelle Jones
Sculpted b
y: Jack Matthews, Design by: Joelle Jones, Retail Price: $125 USD, Approx. Size: 9″ Tall
Why we chose it: Joelle Jones has become a huge star in the DC Comics universe, and her amazing art and writing accolades include important runs on Batman and Catwoman. Her unique style has also been used to create an ongoing statue line. The acrobatic nature of this Batgirl Cover Girls statue shows that Joelle’s art makes no compromises as it transcends to the 3D medium…we absolutely love the design of this piece. See a 360 degree view of the statue here.

4. Spider-Man & Mary Jane Animated Statue by Gentle Giant
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: Skottie Young, Retail Price: $114.99 USD, Approx Size: 4.75″ Tall
Why we chose it: A faithful recreation of Skottie Young’s cover for Renew Your Vows # 1, this animated statue from Gentle Giant depicts the famous couple as only they can be shown…an upside down proposal! This statue is proof that simplicity is sometimes the best approach!

5. Hulkbuster BDS Art Scale by Iron Studios
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: Iron Studios Design Team, Retail Price: $289.99 USD, Approx Size: 20″ Tall
Why we chose it: Iron Studios 1/10 Art Scale line of statues continues to grow, and we mean literally with this massive Hulkbuster! Based on the worldwide blockbuster, Infinity War, Tony Stark’s giant killing suit of armor is meticulously and faithfully re-created in this incredible release.

6. Emperor Palpatine Artfx+ by Kotobukiya
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: Unknown, Retail Price: $99.99 USD, Approx Size: 5.7″ Tall
Why we chose it: Who wouldn’t join the dark side to get their hands on this statue? Seated in his throne with hands at his sides, yet somehow, he never looks more dangerous! Kotobukiya adds yet another hit to their incredibly successful Artfx+ lineup.

7. Gandalf on Gwaihir by Weta Workshop
by: Gary Hunt, Design by: Weta Design Team, Retail Price: $125 USD, Approx Size: 4.05″ Tall
Why we chose it: New Zealand’s Weta Workshop gives us Gandalf the Grey atop the mightiest of Eagles and his trusted ally, Gwaihir. Sculpted by original Lord of the Rings crew member and Weta master sculptor, Gary Hunt, you can be sure this pint sized collectible is full of on-screen accuracy! Can this piece follow in the footsteps of Frodo, and take home another trophy for Weta?

8. Wonder Woman Deluxe Art Scale by Iron Studios
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: Iron Studios Design Team, Retail Price: $179.99 USD, Approx Size: 11.8″ Tall
Why we chose it: The second Art Scale 1/10 piece from Brazil’s Iron Studios features the Amazonian Princess from the blockbuster movie, charging into battle atop a powerful steed. No one in their right mind could say no to Gal Gadot, especially when she looks this good!

And the Winner is…

Iron Studios’ Art Scale line of 1/10th scale statues grows every year, not only in numbers, but also in quality and elaborate designs. This Hulkbuster, based on the blockbuster Infinity War, almost defies convention. Tons of detail and presence packed into a very displayable’s no wonder that is ‘HULK SMASHED’ the competition! Congratulations to Iron Studios for their first victory in the Best Small Statue category!

Poll Results

1st Place: Art Scale 1/10: Hulkbuster by Iron Studios 21.02%
2nd Place: Gandalf on Gwaihir by Weta Workshop 13.53%
3rd Place: DC Bombshells: Batman & Catwoman Deluxe by DC Collectibles 13.16%

Best Medium Statue

Recent years in statue collecting has been a lot about pushing sizes to the limits. With collectors quickly running out of display space, the Medium Sized Statue is starting to make a comeback. These 1/8 to 1/6 sized statues show that smaller size does not mean a compromise in presence or detail! Here are our nominees for Best Medium Statue of 2018 (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Spider-Man Webslinger Artfx by Kotobukiya
Sculpted by: Kouei Matsumoto, Design by: Kotobukiya Design Team, Retail Price: $199.99 USD, Approx. Size: 15″ tall
Why we chose it: It’s not easy capturing Spidey’s constant aerial acrobatics in a static 3D medium, and yet Kotobukiya has done it once again with this latest in the Artfx 1/6 scale statue line! Spider-Man is right at home as he gracefully swings around a New York skyscraper…is he simply on a joyride, or is he in the middle of saving the city from yet another maniacal super villain?

2. Marvel Premier Venom by Diamond Select
Sculpted by: Alejandro Pereira , Design by: Diamond Select Design Team , Retail Price: $150 USD, Approx. Size: 12″ tall
Why we chose it: Possibly the best bang for your buck in this entire event…who says you have to break the bank for a quality collectible? This statue gives collectors everything they need in a Venom statue in a highly affordable package. Well done by Diamond Select!

3. Gaara by Ryu Studio
Sculpted by: David Puertas, Design by: Ryu Studio Design Team, Retail Price: $699 USD, Approx. Size: 25″ tall
Why we chose it: Why? What’s not to like about a ninja with the power to manipulate sand? From the beloved Naruto Shippuden series, Ryu Studio brings us, Gaara! Ryu Studio has masterfully mixed Gaara’s more museum pose with swirling action around him, creating a beautiful scene for fans of the series.

4. Wolverine vs Juggernaut Battle Diorama by Iron Studios
Sculpted by: Victor Hugo Sousa, Design by: Iron Studios Design Team, Retail Price: $749.99 USD, Approx. Size: 17″ tall
Why we chose it: There is no shortage of Wolverine statues to choose from, but the Juggernaut is sorely underrepresented in statue form. The hulking X-Men villain is juxtaposed with the small, but deadly Wolverine! The base is what really brings this diorama to life, though…the smashed stairs inside the Xavier mansion, with the luxurious carpet a victim of a massive Juggernaut fist!

5. The Joker “Super Powers” Maquette by Tweeterhead
Sculpted by: Paul Harding, Design by: Paul Harding & Jason Wires, Retail Price: $294.99 USD, Approx. Size: 15″ tall
Why we chose it: Statues like this Joker from Tweeterhead show exactly why smaller statues do not necessarily mean less detail. Top of the line portraits, amazing outfit details, and a base that tells a story…what more could one ask for? This statue is one of our absolute favorite portrayals of the twisted Batman villain. Check out our full review and photo gallery here.

6. Harley Quinn “Super Powers” Maquette by Tweeterhead
Sculpted by: Jason Smith, Design by: Joe Allard & Thomas Williams, Retail Price: $294.95 USD, Approx. Size: 18.5″ tall
Why we chose it: Since making her debut in the Batman Animated Series back in 1992, Harley Quinn has skyrocketed to the heights of pop culture fandom! She is an insanely popular character that has transcended the comic book genre, and we think she has never looked better than in this amazing statue from Tweeterhead. This “Super Powers” statue line is shaping up to be something special!

7. Ragnarök Thor by Figurama Collectors
Sculpted by: Riyahd Cassiem, Design by: Jarold Sng, Retail Price: $475 USD, Approx. Size: 18″ tall
Why we chose it: Walt Simonson’s unique vision of Thor, published by IDW Comics, is faithfully represented by this action packed diorama. Thor may be near death, but that doesn’t stop him from laying waste to a horde of undead Draugrs! This statue is littered with easter eggs from the comic series, and depicts the titular hero calling forth a lightning strike from his mythical hammer, Mjoilnir…an absolute work of art from Figurama! Have a look at our review and photo gallery here.

8. The Quiet Wrath of Son Goku HQS by Tsume-Art
Sculpted by: Pierre-Marie Albert, Design by: Cyril Marchiol & Cyril Farudja, Retail Price: 399 Euro, Approx. Size: 18″ tall
Why we chose it: Because its power level is over 9,000! Oh, and it’s a faithful and heartfelt representation of one of the most memorable and most quoted scenes from one of the most popular anime series of all time…but, mostly because of the power levels, 😉 We reviewed this statue, and you can see the full review and photo gallery here.

9. How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Pure Arts, Design by: Ian MacDonald, Dan Katcher, & Stjepan Sejic, Retail Price: $249.99 USD, Approx. Size: 12″ tall
Why we chose it: This statue embodies the charm from the animated movie perfectly. Toothless, a fabled Night Fury dragon, is both incredibly cute and extremely dangerous (for the bad guys). Sideshow’s Out of the Box video for this statue can be viewed here.

10. Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume-Art
Sculpted by: Cyril Farudja, Christophe Sperto, & Maxime Roudaut, Design by: Cyril Marichol & Cyril Farujda, Retail Price: 699 Euro, Approx. Size: 23″ tall
Why we chose it: Because, quite simply, its one of the best statues we’ve seen. A massive fireball bursting up from the base, an insane light up feature with sound effects, glass-like clear resin for the flames, and a paint job for the ages! Tsume always finds a way to create statues with such incredible presence, yet still stay true to the design of the source material. This statue must be seen to be believed. Maybe we can help…check out our unboxing video here.

And the Winner is…

Tsume rarely goes less than all out with their statues, and Ace is no exception. Despite being 1/7 scale, this statue is a MASSIVE undertaking of artistic design, engineering, and production. Featuring a wild design, enormous fireball, light and sound effects, it is an absolutely amazing accomplishment that this statue has come out as near flawless as it has…it can only be a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Tsume team. Congratulations to Tsume for their THIRD consecutive victory for Best Medium Statue!

Poll Results

1st Place: Portgas D. Ace HQS by Tsume-Art 29.43%
2nd Place: Gaara by Ryu Studio 14.08%
3rd Place: Ragnarök Thor by Figurama Collectors 13.35%

Best Large Statue

We feel it is safe to say that, although it is now being strongly challenged by the other categories, the Large Statue category (featuring 1/5 and 1/4 scale statues) is a fan favorite. A perfect blend of size, detail, and presence give these statues a museum quality and feel. Here are the nominees for Best Large Statue (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Thanos on Throne Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Will Harbottle & Justice Joseph, Design by: Sideshow Design Team, Retail Price: $1,200 USD, Approx. Size: 21.5″ tall
Why we chose it: A masterful hype campaign orchestrated by an industry giant certainly got the fans excited, but it also put a world of pressure upon their shoulders. The Mad Titan is perhaps at the height of his popularity right now thanks to the success of Infinity War, so needless to say, collectors were salivating over the release of this piece…and it delivered. Quickly vaulting to the status of flagship piece, Sideshow collectibles has produced a collectible worthy of wielding all of the Infinity gems. View the photo gallery and watch the full review here.

2. Gul’Dan by DamToys
Sculpted by: Park.Zhi, Design by: Niuyuan, Retail Price: $1,400 USD, Approx. Size: 31″ tall
Why we chose it: Not only an accurate representation of the villainous movie character, this statue has arguably has the best utilization of mixed media in 2018! Damtoys combined Romney wool, hemp rope, and real leather straps to produce Gul’Dan’s absolutely incredible clothing. In addition, they used an experimental hair planting process to add a lifelike beard to his face…oh, and he also has light-up eyes! This statue is a remarkable achievement. Watch the incredible making of documentary for this statue here.

3. Majin Vegeta HQS+ by Tsume-Art
Sculpted by: Pierre Marie Albert, Maxime Roudaut, & Christophe Sperto, Design by: Tsume Design Team, Retail Price: 699 Euro, Approx. Size: 21″ tall
Why we chose it: An iconic moment for an iconic character from an iconic series. Majin Vegeta from Tsume is the complete package of sculpt, paint, presence, quality, and technology (it has several light and sound effects built in). Dragon Ball Z fans around the world are going Super Saiyan for this statue, and for good reason, as it is possibly one of Tsume’s crowning achievements. We have a full review and photo gallery for your viewing pleasure here.

4. Guts, the Black Swordsman by Prime 1 Studio
Sculpted by: Alessandro Baldasseroni, Design by: Prime 1 Studio Design Team, Retail Price: $999.99 USD, Approx. Size: 36″ tall
Why we chose it: No one has consistently packed as much detail into their statues the past few years better than Prime 1 Studio. With this Museum Masterline statue based on the beloved Berserk manga, Prime 1 is continuing with that trend. At a whopping 36″ tall, Guts impressively stands atop a horde of slain enemies. With a base that is every bit as impressive as the figure itself, this statue will dominate the attention for your collection! StatueReview has a complete unboxing experience for you here.

5. Red Sonja, Queen of Scavengers by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Steve Lord, Design by: Sideshow Design Team, Retail Price: $550 USD, Approx. Size: 20.5″ tall
Why we chose it: This statue is the third Red Sonja premium format figure from Sideshow in a relatively short amount of time, but it is arguably the best of the bunch. The Scavenger Queen masterfully blends beauty and badassery standing with a battle axe on her shoulder and sword casually skewering an unlucky foe’s head…all while dressed in her trademark chainmail bikini…because, erm, she needs that freedom of movement on the battlefield! This statue is another outstanding addition to anyone’s Red Sonja collection. Our good friend Gina B has an great review of this statue here.

6. Capcom’s Morrigan by Hand Made Object
Sculpted by: Mufizal Mokhtar, Design by: HMO Design Team, Retail Price: $699 USD, Approx. Size: 24″ tall
Why we chose it: With each new release, HMO strives for innovation. With their patented “Real Eyes” technology, we believe they found something very special. Using a gel encasement technique, HMO has managed to give their Morrigan statue an incredibly lifelike look, with eyes so deep and realistic, you’d swear she was a real…erm…succubus. Couple the original Artgerm artwork with a glowing skin effect, a stellar James TCE paint design (check out those french tip finger nails!), and a creative parallax skull for a base, and you end up with something very special! We have a complete review and photo gallery for your enjoyment here.

7. Hulkbuster by XM Studio
Sculpted by: Kucharek Bros., Design by: Studio HIVE, Retail Price: $2,500 SGD, Approx. Size: Huge
Why we chose it: A monumental undertaking by a company not afraid to take risks, XM Studios has an absolute home run with their Hulkbuster statue. The Kucharek Bros. absolutely killed this sculpt…and we truly we mean they slayed it! Details on top of more details, even the cockpit interior received their meticulous attention. Team that with the herculean task of engineering and production, meticulous quality control, and bomb proof package design, and XM has a statue for the ages. Oh, and it comes with a 1/4 scale Iron Man that can be displayed bursting forth from the cockpit or alongside the Hulkbuster. Truly amazing. We got an early look at this monstrous statue at STGCC 2017.

8. Devilman vs Amon by Figurama Collectors
Sculpted by: Caleb Nefzen, Design by: Jarold Sng, Retail Price: $810 USD, Approx. Size: 29″ tall
Why we chose it: Figurama Collectors are bringing a fresh approach to their business (did you see they gave away TWO free trips to their Tokyo Ghoul unveiling in Thailand earlier this year?), and they did not pull any punches with their first ever shipped statue. Devilman vs Amon is a masterful production. An innovative paint scheme (look at the faux-translucent effect on Devilman’s wings), incredible quality, secure packaging and top notch presentation…and, not to mention a brilliant sculpt from one of the industry’s brightest stars, Caleb Nefzen. If this is the bar set for future Figurama releases, then get excited, people, get very excited! We have a complete review and photo gallery for you here.

9. Spider-Man 2099 by Prime 1 Studio
Sculpted by: Bernardo Cruzeiro, Design by: Rodrigo Windt Idalino, Retail Price: $699.99 USD, Approx. Size: 27″ tall
Why we chose it: It is probably safe to say that when Prime 1 Studio announced their Marvel license, no one expected them to lead off with a niche version of the friendly neighborhood webhead. But, in a crowded collecting market, this approach was truly a breath of fresh air. Blending masterful anatomy with perfect usage of texturing on the suit and a suitable futuristic base, this Spider-Man 2099 statue belongs in any Spider-Man collection. You can watch our review and view the photo gallery for this statue here.

10. Scorpion by XM Studios
Sculpted by: Caleb Nefzen, Design by: Studio HIVE, Retail Price: $990 SGD, Approx. Size: 28.5″ tall
Why we chose it: We mentioned above that XM Studios is a company not afraid to take risks. Sometimes that means tackling characters that other companies are afraid to take on, and that sentiment holds true for this old-school Spidey villain. Another piece sculpted by Caleb Nefzen, this statue captures the animalistic nature of the character, as his deadly tail is ready to strike! Incredible use of texture, perfect anatomy and proportions, innovative armor plating (allowing for both a classic and modern display), and superb paint along with a super small 300 edition size make this statue extremely sought after by collectors. Check out the complete review and photo gallery for this statue here.

And the Winner is…

Another trophy for the talented team at Tsume! Majin Vegeta was their first ever entry into the hotly contested Large Statue category, and they had to turn their power levels up to 9001 to fend off a hearty fight from first year entrant, Figurama Collectors (watch out for these guys, absolutely amazing 2nd place finish with their first ever released statue), and established industry heavyweight, Prime 1 Studio . Part of their HQS+ line, this has several sequenced light & sound effects, and also has some of the absolute best clear resin parts we have ever laid eyes on (the pieces literally look like glass). A fan favorite scene from one of the most globally renowned anime series of all time, Majin Vegeta is the 2018 Best Large Statue

Poll Results

1st Place: Majin Vegeta by Tsume-Art 23.58%
2nd Place: Devilman vs Amon by Figurama Collectors 16.45%
3rd Place: Guts the Black Swordsman by Prime 1 Studio 16.27%

Best X-Large Statue

One-third and larger statues not only occupy large parts of our displays, but also large parts of our hearts, as this category of statue continues to increase in popularity. Prime 1 Studio is an industry leader in this size, and has won the category 4 years running. Can anyone stop them this year? Here are our nominees in this marquee category (from left to right on the banner above):

1. UFO Robot Grendizer by Tsume-Art
Sculpted by: Cyril Farudja, Design by: Tsume Design Team, Retail Price: 1,199.00 Euro, Approx. Size: 32″ tall
Why we chose it: Tsume has taken home the Medium Statue award two years in a row, and this year has their sights set on expanding their dominance. A 32″ tall robot with tons of switch-outs combined with their signature dynamic style, Grendizer is one of Tsume’s most ambitious projects to date. Have a look at the unboxing video from Tsume here.

2. Killer Croc by Prime 1 Studio
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: Prime 1 Design Team, Retail Price: $1,399.99 USD, Approx. Size: 35″ tall
Why we chose it: Prime 1 Studio’s Arkham series of statues is continually expanding, and with this new Killer Croc addition, we mean it literally! An absolutely massive statue that adds all kinds of detail and production quality to help it stand out in any collection.

3. Gremlins 2: Gizmo by Elite Creature Collectibles
Sculpted by: Miyo Nakamura, Design by: Steve Wang, Retail Price: $1,900 USD, Approx. Size: 14″ tall
Why we chose it: A classic moment from a classic film, when cute, cuddly Gizmo goes full Rambo on those nasty gremlins! Although this statue had some distinct differences between the production piece and the original prototype, the insane quality collectors have come to expect from ECC is still there in spades. From the authentic hair to the hand made glass eyes to the melted gremlin on the base, the attention to detail in this statue really helped it stand out in 2018.

4. Kitana MKX by PCS Collectibles
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: PCS Design Team, Retail Price: $699.99, Approx. Size: 28″ tall
Why we chose it: This 10,000 year old princess doesn’t look a day over 9,999! Actually, she looks darn good with her hand stitched vibrant blue outfit and blue-steel fans…she looks absolutely worthy of leading a Netherrealm army to conquest, but can she capture the first Statue Award for PCS?

5. Conan the Barbarian by PCS Collectibles
Sculpted by: Jerry Macaluso, Design by: PCS Design Team, Retail Price: $849.99, Approx. Size: 29″ tall
Why we chose it: What is best in life? To crush the competition in the 2018 Statue Awards, that’s what! All of PCS’s hard work capturing the details from the film and likeness of the actor paid off, as Schwarzenegger gave his personal seal of approval.

6. Wonder Woman by Prime 1 Studio
Sculpted by: Hossein Diba, Design by: Prime 1 Design Team, Retail Price: $2,099 USD, Approx. Size: 40″ tall
Why we chose it: Although she had a relatively small role in the Batman v Superman film, Wonder Woman arguably stole the show! Gal Gadot’s debut as the Amazon princess captured the hearts of many fans, and set the stage for the success of her solo movie. This statue captures her likeness from this initial debut, with film accurate armor and weaponry. Overall, a fine production from Prime 1 Studio that any Themysciran would be proud of!

7. Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Legacy Effects, Design by: Legacy Effects, Retail Price: $2,550 USD, Approx. Size: 47″ tall
Why we chose it: Our 2017 champion (Iron Studios’ Darth Vader Legacy Replica) proved that the Dark Side is indeed the most powerful! Now that we know the power of the dark side, can this 1:2 scale version of the Dark Lord continue on the legacy? An imposing 47″ tall statue with tailored costume (based on Episode IV: A New Hope) and light up feature…can Lord Vader force choke his competition into submission? Have a look at Sideshow’s Out of the Box video here to help you decide.

8. Master’s Collection: Gollum by Weta Workshop
Sculpted by: Jamie Beswarick, Design by: Weta Design Team, Retail Price: $1,799 USD, Approx. Size: 16.5″ tall
Why we chose it: The master artisans of Weta Workshop spent over two and a half years developing this masterpiece. Featuring hand placed hair, realistic skin, real leather clothing, and unparalleled movie accuracy, Weta has given collectors and Lord of the Rings fans the ultimate Gollum collectible. Will a 2018 Statue Award become his new ‘precious’?

And the Winner is…

At risk of sounding like a broken record, another victory for Tsume! Again, 2018 marked the first time that Tsume has produced a statue that qualified to clash with the titans in the X-Large category. UFO Robot Grendizer was a passion project for the team at Tsume, as the original anime series was one of the first to make the jump to Europe and started countless young minds on their way to becoming lifelong anime fans. The series holds a special place in many hearts, and now this statue can also be remembered as a champion, the 2018 Best X-Large Statue!

We also want to extend a hearty congratulations to Prime 1 Studio, who narrowly missed earning this award for the SIXTH year in a row. Surely, they will remain a force to be reckoned with.

Poll Results

1st Place: UFO Robot Grendizer HQS by Tsume-Art 25.41%
2nd Place: Wonder Woman 1/2 Scale by Prime 1 Studio 23.95%
3rd Place: Darth Vader Legendary Scale Figure Sideshow Collectibles 12.80%

Best Bust

When the statue focuses on the face, you get a direct view into the emotion that drives the character. You get to look directly into its eyes and feel what they feel, there is no environmental base or switch out parts to distract you…this is why busts are a special type of collectible and why all busts, no matter what size, compete in their own special category!  This category made its debut last year, with Sideshow Collectibles’ Deadpool Life Size Bust taking home the inaugural honors. Which of these remarkable creations will follow it up in 2018? Here are the nominees for Best Bust (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter – Jason Life Size Bust by Elite Creature Collectibles
Sculpted by: Steve Wang, James Ferreira and Miyo Nakamura , Design by: ECC Design Team, Retail Price: $1,500 USD, Approx. Size: 30.5″ tall
Why we chose it: Elite Creature Collectibles has another stellar entry into this year’s Statue Awards. This Jason Voorhees life size bust sports a removable goalie mask (revealing is disfigured face), metal machete, tailored outfit, and Crystal Lake themed base. Can this Friday the 13th based bust slash its way to victory?

2. Fell Beast Bust by Weta Workshop
Sculpted by: Jamie Beswarick, Design by: , Retail Price: $699 USD, Approx. Size: 18″ tall
Why we chose it: It simply does not get any more authentic, as this piece was sculpted by Jamie Beswarick, one of the original designers of the Fell Beast for the Peter Jackson films. With this hand sculpted bust that can be displayed as a table top display or hung vertically on a wall, you’d swear that the Witch King himself was not far behind. An absolute incredible collectible from the studio that worked on the films.

3. Brain Dead Life Size Bust by Elite Creature Collectibles
Sculpted by: Akihito Ikeda, Design by: Akihito Ikeda, Retail Price: $2,000 USD, Approx. Size: 28″ tall
Why we chose it: Character designer, artist, and special fx master, Akihito Ikeda, created “Brain Dead” as a makeup effect/costume for 2016’s Monsterpalooza. He wanted to create a “Dark Japanese Hero” that had never been seen before. What he created was a totally original creation that has absolutely mind-blowing details. A hand-made, intricately tailored samurai style costume, metal sword and jewelry, and hand-made glass eyes just put this astonishing collectible over the top!

4. Joker: the Face of Insanity by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Pure Arts, Design by: Tom Gilliland & Pure Arts, Retail Price: $349.99 USD, Approx. Size: 21″ tall
Why we chose it: Originality always stands out, and this mask-like bust from Sideshow & Pure Arts is definitely original. It is no small feat to take a character that we’ve seen in countless collectibles and present something completely fresh and original. On top of that, the sculpted facial details and playing card base add to the high-level of style. Sideshow features this bust in an Out of the Box video here.

5. Scorpion MKX Life Size Bust by PCS Collectibles
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: PCS Design Team, Retail Price: $899.99 USD, Approx. Size: 30″ tall
Why we chose it: Don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t…Get Over Here!….we said it. But, how can you look at this (now classic) character and not have that line go through your mind?!? Based on the updated MKX design, this bust presents a modernized costume, the incredible details and mesmerizing eyes breathe life in into this undead ninja.

6. Xiall: the Resolve of Bone Legendary Scale Bust by Sideshow Collectibles
Sculpted by: Amilcar Fong and Jeff Yagher , Design by: Amilcar Fong, Retail Price: $379.99 , Approx. Size: 16″ tall
Why we chose it: Sideshow’s Curt of the Dead line has been steadily producing some of their most creative designs over the last few years. What started with the 1/4 scale Premium Format line has now expanded into the Legendary Scale Bust line (no, this line is not dead) with Xiall. The traditionally sculpted “bone tissue” and unique paint job give Death’s Right Hand the creepy undead look it deserves, and earned it a nomination for 2018 Best Bust. Can Xiall lift Sideshow to a repeat win in this category? This bust was featured on an episode of Sideshow Live here.

7. Giger’s Alien Life Size Head by CoolProps
Sculpted by: HR Giger, Design by: HR Giger, Retail Price: $1,799.99, Approx. Size: 15.75″ tall x 36″ long
Why we chose it: Watching Alien has left a deep, gory, horrific scar on the psyche of countless sci-fi fans, and it is largely due to this incredibly haunting creature design. HR Giger’s Alien is one of the most recognizable monsters in movie history, meaning that CoolProps had a lot to live up to with this life size head. The signature translucent dome with half human skull visible beneath, chromed teeth, and second mouth are sure to bring back memories of the films. This collectible was developed from the original movie props, and painstakingly produced by the Cool Props crew for maximum authenticity.

8. Female Velociraptor Life Size Bust by Chronicle Collectibles
Sculpted by: Stan Winston Studios, Design by: Chronicle Collectibles, Retail Price: $1,199 USD, Approx. Size: 30″ tall
Why we chose it: Everyone remembers the dangerous velociraptors from Jurassic Park, able to outsmart helpless human snacks at will. Well, Chronicle Collectibles worked with the original Stan Winston Studios molds to bring this terror inspiring prehistoric creature to your shelves. With razor sharp teeth, incredibly detailed skin, and eyes so realistic you’d swear they were watching you, does this bust have what it takes to capture Statue Awards glory? Get a closer look at the bust here.

And the Winner is…

Sideshow Collectibles teamed up with Pure Arts to produce a totally unique bust. This villainous mask captures all of the sinister traits of one of the most widely recognized characters in pop culture history, the Joker! Thinking outside the box can pay off, and it definitely has here, as Sideshow takes home the Best Bust award for the second year in a row.

Poll Results

1st Place: Joker: Face of Insanity Life Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles 25.05%
2nd Place: Scorpion by PCS Collectibles 16.82%
3rd Place: Velociraptor 1:1 Female Bust by Chronicle Collectibles 14.63%

Best Gaming Statue

As a kid (or maybe still as an adult), there is a good chance that you spent at least some of your free time gaming, Chances are your parents stood around and wondered how long it would take for these “darn games” to rot your brain. But, video games have evolved into an art unto themselves since those days. The characters and stories of these games have become meaningful parts of many people’s lives…that’s why these statues deserve special recognition.   Any size of statue from any type of video game (PC, Playstation, Nintendo, SEGA, XBOX…Colecovision…any platform) is eligible to take home this award. Here are the 2018 nominees for Best Gaming Statue (from left to right on the banner above):

1. Akuma by PrototypeZ
Sculpted by: Erick Sosa, Design by: Erick Sosa, Retail Price: $669 USD, Approx. Size: 26″ tall
Why we chose it: With Erick Sosa’s traditional hyper-muscular style, comes Akuma, legendary warrior from the Street Fighter series. The statue comes with two heads and two torsos, so he can be displayed with or without his gi top. The statue has a powerful yet simple pose that captures the evil essence of the fan-favorite character.

2. Ken Masters Ultra by PCS Collectibles
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: PCS Design Team, Retail Price: $424.99 USD, Approx. Size: 26″ tall
Why we chose it: In a contrast to the PrototypeZ Akuma, PCS Collectibles’ Ken Masters is full of action from top to bottom. This statue captures the world warrior in an acrobatic kick, in fact, his kick is so powerful it caused spontaneous combustion of the air around him! The statue is also customizable with long or short hair, as well as a yellow or brown glove option. For a character from a fighting series known for its over the top action, we feel that this piece fits the bill. This statue was on display when we visited NYCC 2018, you can see the booth tour here.

3. Overwatch: Mercy by Blizzard
Sculpted by: Dominic Qwek & Taso Gionis, Design by: Arnold Tsang & Laurel Austin, Retail Price: $175 USD, Approx. Size: 13.75″ tall
Why we chose it: Blizzard has consistently put out statues that have incredible value for the price, and Mercy is no exception. This piece captures every detail of the Overwatch hero in her signature Valkyrie suit, complete with Caduceus Staff. Dr. Ziegler will have to be her own guardian angel, though, as she’ll be flying solo in this competition. Can Mercy earn Blizzard its first Statue Award?

4. Solid Snake by First 4 Figures
Sculpted by: Tushank Jaiswal, Design by: F4F Design Team, Retail Price: $524.99 USD, Approx. Size: 17.5″ tall
Why we chose it: First 4 Figures have made the impossible possible with the first statue in their Metal Gear line. Solid Snake’s pose perfectly blends with the environmental base to showcase the former Green Beret’s sneaking skills! F4F carefully considered every aspect of the statue (look at the realistic grip on the gun) to bring the highest level of game accuracy to collectors! Can Solid Snake sneak away with this award? Check out the ‘making of’ documentary from First 4 Figures here.

5. Lady Maria by Prime 1 Studio
Sculpted by: Nillo Samyr, Design by: Prime 1 Design Team, Retail Price: $599.99 USD, Approx. Size: 20″ tall
Why we chose it: Lady Maria sits deathly still in the Astral Clocktower, but don’t let that fool you, she moves with deadly speed when she is awoken! This statue from Prime 1 Studio captures that fearful, anxious moment before Lady Maria springs to life to attack. Painstaking details bring such accuracy, you may be scared to touch her yourself!

6. Capcom’s Morrigan by Hand Made Object
Sculpted by: , Design by: , Retail Price: , Approx. Size:
Why we chose it: So nice, we had to nominate it twice! Also a contender in the Large Statue category, but we simply could not leave Morrigan out of the running for 2018 Best Gaming Statue. We discussed her many virtues above already, but, we’ll say it again, those eyes are spectacular! Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood succubus is vying for two awards this year, but she can only do it with your votes!
We have a complete review and photo gallery for your enjoyment here.

7. Bioshock: Big Daddy – Rosie by Gaming Heads
Sculpted by: , Design by: , Retail Price: , Approx. Size:
Why we chose it: Bioshock was a truly innovative game for its time, and had a tremendous non-linear story. Roaming the dark, dingy confines of Rapture, these near unstoppable hulking behemoths known as Big Daddy brought fear to the hearts of the players! Gaming Heads have meticulously recreated these memorable monsters, bringing all the details from the game to life for your display, including the color switching light up feature for the helmet!

8. Killer Croc by Prime 1 Studio
Sculpted by: Unknown, Design by: Prime 1 Design Team, Retail Price: $1,399.99 USD, Approx. Size: 35″ tall
Why we chose it: The second statue to receive dual nomination, what more can we say about Prime 1 Studio’s gargantuan Killer Croc? One of the company’s best in the ever expanding Arkham based series of statues…can it take home multiple awards this year?

9. Sonic, 25th Anniversary by First 4 Figures
Sculpted by: Manish Nautiyal & Angad Singh, Design by: F4F Design Team, Retail Price: $384.99 USD, Approx. Size: 13″ tall
Why we chose it: It is hard to believe that the original Sonic the Hedgehog game was released on the Sega Genesis over 25 years ago! Who can forget speeding through the Green Hill Zone, collecting rings, bonking various mechanical animals back into their natural form, and battling the dastardly Dr. Robotnik’s various mechanical robots? Classic gaming at it’s best! F4F have captured the care-free nature of the thorny blue hero, with his feet a blur as he blazes past a spinning level checkpoint! The positive nostalgia ingrained in this statue practically slaps you in the face as you behold it, and that is all due to the hard work put in by First 4 Figures during the over 2 years of development! First 4 Figures making of documentary can be viewed here.

10. Mega Man X by Hand Made Object
Sculpted by: Mufizal Mokhtar, Design by: HMO Design Team, Retail Price: $599 USD, Approx. Size: 20″ tall
Why we chose it: The Mega Man (or Rock Man if you are more familiar with the Japanese games) franchise holds a special place in man gamers hearts. In 1993, Mega Man got a major facelift for the 16-bit era, which was the start of the new Mega Man X series. HMO has grabbed a piece of that gaming history by presenting the blue blaster wielding hero atop a precious upgrade module. HMO infused some of their signature ingenuity to this statue by adding tear away armor, so you can see the inner workings of the robot construction! In our opinion, this was a genius way to bring the retro character to life in 1/4 scale. Check out our review and photo gallery here.

And the Winner is…

We had the chance to see an early prototype of HMO’s Morrigan at the 2017 Singapore Toy, Game, and Comic Convention (STGCC). As soon as we laid eyes on her, we knew they were on to something special. Always striving for innovation with each of their collectibles, Morrigan features a proprietary, never-before used ‘Real Eyes’ technology, where the eyes are encased in a gel that gives them an unparalleled realistic appearance. Team that with a creative parallax skull base complete with an adventurous bat swarm, skin that glows, amazing paint design by industry star James TCE, and a faithful reproduction of the source art, and you are left with the 2018 Best Gaming Statue! Congratulations to the hard working, dedicated team at HMO for their first ever Statue Award!

Poll Results

1st Place: Capcom’s Morrigan by Hand Made Object 25.05%
2nd Place: Lady Maria by Prime 1 Studio 13.89%
3rd Place: Solid Snake by First 4 Figures 11.88%

Favorite Statue Company

With so many producers competing for your hard earned cash, it is absolutely a great time to be a collector! Whether you are into gaming, anime, manga, comics, movies, TV, or original art, there is something out there for you. Tsume ended XM Studios’ three-year run last year…can Tsume repeat as champion, or is there someone new waiting to take the crown this year? Which company captured your attention in 2018?

And the Winner is…

Tsume has firmly established themselves as one of the top statue producers in the industry, and are an absolute force to be reckoned with! 2018 saw Tsume increase their online presence on social media, with frequent live video streams, humorous unboxing videos, and world-class “Tora No Tsume” online talk show (featuring behind the scenes, documentary style reveals and updates of their products). On top of that, Tsume continue to push the limits of statue design, and they absolutely deserve every accolade for sweeping all of the categories they qualified for. And, 2019 looks just as exciting for collectors, with a lineup featuring Saitama, Natsu Dragon Slayer, Tony Tony Chopper, and Berserk. With their second consecutive Favourite Company award, we have news for you, Tsume is the real deal and they will be a force for a long, long time! Congratulations to the entire team!

Poll Results

1st Place: Tsume-Art 23.95%
2nd Place: Prime 1 Studio 18.83%
3rd Place: Figurama Collectors 15.17%


This being the 5th annual Statue Awards, we thought we’d do something special for the collecting community that shares our passion. We have FOUR amazing statues to give away! All you have to do is vote, and you will be taken to the giveaway page with instructions on how to enter (if you did not vote, you will not be eligible to win a prize in the giveaway). We would like to extend our sincere thank you to the fine folks at Figurama Collectors, HMO, and XM Studios for the helping to make this giveaway possible!

The following statues are included in this year’s giveaway:

1. Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki vs Yamori from Figurama Collectors
2. Crow King by HMO
3. Ragnarök Thor by Figurama Collectors
4. Batgirl by XM Studios

You will notice that 3 of these 4 statues are not yet released. For these three statues, the winner’s information will be given to these generous companies and the item will ship directly from them to you. This likely means shipping from Asia to your location, so keep that in mind. Ragnarök Thor is in hand, and will ship to you from Alberta, Canada.

The giveaway is completely free to enter, but please be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions. Notably, each winner agrees to pay shipping costs for their prize (expect somewhere between $200 and $400 USD, depending on the statue and your location…you will only be charged exact shipping costs) and each winner is responsible for any duty and tax due upon delivery (full value of the statue must be declared). There can be no refunds, replacements, or exchanges for any of the prizes. Maximum 1 prize per person (there will be 4 unique winners).


Why isn’t Statue X a nominee?

For various reasons, we want the event to run in early January. Since we all have day jobs, that means we need some time in December to prepare behind the scenes. For this reason, we cut off eligibility at December 25th…so statues had to start shipping before that time. Statues released after December 25th are considered for the 2019 Statue Awards (they are not forgotten!).

We also do not consider variants as eligible. If a statue released this year is a straight-up variant of a previous statue, it is not eligible no matter how awesome it is.

In addition, we have a cap of two statues per company per category. Why? First, we believe that having too many entries from one company is a double edged sword: yes, it showcases that the company had a great year, but it also severely impacts their chance to win by splitting their fan’s votes. Second, we firmly believe in showcasing the global nature of the hobby. These aren’t the “Company X” awards, they are the Statue Awards, and we strive to include the entirety that this robust hobby has to offer. This competition may show you something you have never seen before and open your eyes to new corners of collecting. The global nature of this event makes it unique, and this is a fact that we take pride in.

My favorite statue is eligible, but isn’t nominated, what gives?

When our nominees are released, please remember these are just the statues that WE feel were the best for the year. If a statue is left off, it does not mean that we do not like the piece. It is an extremely difficult task to whittle down such a massive list of collectibles to only a handful each year.

We use a variety of criteria when judging the statues: Sculpt, Design, Paint & Mixed Media, Accuracy, and Production Quality. When considering ALL of the criteria, a charmingly simple 6″ statue can be equally as impressive as a monstrous 36″ statue. A statue could be the most detailed and technically accurate statue we’ve ever seen, but if 75% of them show up to collectors with major problems, that is going to hold it back in our eyes.

That said, YOU can still vote for whatever statue you want, provided it was released between December 26, 2017 and December 25, 2018. Simply type the name of your choice in the ‘Other’ box on the vote form. Ensure the statue you want to vote for is licensed and meets the criteria of the category, otherwise your vote will be wasted!

How do I vote?

You simply have to use the handy vote form below, and log in with your Facebook account. You can only vote 1 time! Don’t bother trying to cheat, we will catch you!

How can I help Statue Awards?

Statue collecting is our passion, and we gladly put in the work throughout the year to bring this event to collectors around the world. But, if you truly want to help, all that we ask is that you consider giving our Facebook page and Instagram page a ‘Like‘, and subscribing to our new YouTube channel. Doing so truly does help, so we appreciate your consideration.

Vote Form

Phew, you made it through all of the preamble, and now you are ready to vote! Simply fill out the form below, including the ‘Captcha’ and check the box that indicating that you have read the terms and conditions. You must use a valid Facebook account in order to participate.

You can only vote ONCE, so make it count!

Whether you are in to comics, movies, games, anime, or you prefer completely original art, this hobby has something for you…it truly is a global collecting community! That is why we invite you, the collectors from around the world, to cast your vote for the Best Statues of 2018!

Now, go vote and have fun!