2020 Statue Awards

The original, and longest running awards showcase for the Statue Collecting hobby is back for the 7th consecutive year!

2020 is over…FINALLY! The year has been full of challenges for everyone. No matter where you live or what you do, chances are your daily life has been affected in some way by the 2020 Pandemic challenges. The statue and collectibles industry is no different…it was hit hard, especially early in the year when the world seemed to literally shut down.

It’s probably safe to say that we all wanted to go light-speed to 2021! But, now, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and its time once again to celebrate the statue collecting hobby!

Despite the monumental challenges, the good people of our hobby managed to make this a memorable year on the collecting front. We are all lucky to take part in this amazing hobby, so please join us in congratulating all of the hard work that went into bringing us some excitement to put on our shelves!

Last year, we made a few changes to the format, and those have carried over to this year’s event. Statues will be separated into Comics/Movies/Originals, Gaming, Anime/Manga, and Busts. There will be NO CROSSOVER between divisions.

Secondly, the Industry Award is back! This award is chosen by a panel of extremely talented artists and industry professionals from across this great hobby.

We believe in the collectors choice, with their discerning eye for quality and fine craftsmanship…so, now it’s time to decide the best of the best for 2020! Before you head down to the vote form to have your say, be sure to read the rules of the competition below.


Rules & Eligibility

Industry Award
Best Bust
Best Gaming Statue
Favourite Company

Best Small Statue
Best Medium Statue
Best Large Statue
Best X-Large Statue

Best Medium Statue
Best Large Statue


How are nominees selected?

Throughout the year, we tracked the reveals and releases of dozens of companies, which resulted in hundreds of statues in 2020! With our own extensive research and internal deliberations, along with your fan write-in nominations (which ran from December 1st to December 24th), we have curated a short list nominees in each of our categories that we feel best exemplify excellence in this wonderful hobby. When considering statues, we are looking for distinction in design, sculpt, paint, quality of the end product, and innovation.

We stand by our nominees, but we recognize that not all collectors will agree with our selections. That is why our nominees are only meant to highlight what we feel were the best releases of the year, and we DO NOT restrict your votes to these statues. You can use the ‘Other’ option on the form to cast your vote for whatever statue you feel is worthy in each category.


Voting to determine the winner of each individual category will commence on January 8th, 2021 at noon EST and close on January 15th, 2021 also at noon EST.

Results will be revealed LIVE on Shelf Space, January 16th, 2020 starting at 2 PM EST. Be sure to tune in and participate in the live chat!

Photo Credit

Photos used in our banners are generally official product images from each individual company. We’d love to credit all of the great photographers responsible for these images, but that information is generally unknown. However, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to these people for providing such excellent quality images! A handful of the photographs used are our own, or from our talented friends. Individual photo credit, if known, is given on the statue’s individual blurb below.

Please note that the side by side images on the banners are not to scale and are not meant to indicate the relative size between statues.

Artist Credit

This industry has so many talented artists involved, whether it be sculptors, painters, concept designers, mold and cast makers, cut & sew experts, engineers etc. The names of the artists involved with each project are not always easy to find: some companies choose to highlight the individuals, while others look at each project as a total team effort. We have linked to the product page for each product highlighted below, where you can go to find out more about the artists involved.

Eligibility Period

Statues released during the period of December 26, 2019 to December 25, 2020 are eligible for the 2020 Statue Awards.  The statue must be shipped and IN HAND with collectors during this period in order to be eligible for the 2020 Statue Awards.

Licensed Only

We can all appreciate some of the great “fan art” out there, but this competition is for licensed statues only.

Statue Size

The statues in our event are generally separated by scale, as noted in the categories below. However, some statues have to be moved around to a category that better suits them. Transformers, for example, strictly speaking would usually fall into the Small Statue category based on scale. However, these whopping 30″ plus statues simply do not belong there, and get moved to the X-Large category that is much more applicable. So, basically, we’re saying that there are exceptions to every rule. We carefully consider each statue and where it belongs in our competition.


We do our best to make sure all of the information about each statue is accurate. But, we are only human, so if you see any errors or you can fill in some of the missing information, feel free to contact us!


A brand new award that was introduced last year makes its return for the 2020 Statue Awards!

We have polled some of the best and brightest from the statue collecting hobby – sculptors, art directors, concept designers, painters, and industry professionals – to determine their singular choice for Best Statue of 2020!

This poll was conducted in secret prior to the fan vote portion of the event. So, the results are already determined, and are completely unaffected by the results of the fan vote.

We want to extend a very special thank you to everyone that took the time to vote on this award! For 2020 we had a responses from many amazing judges! A list of some of the amazing judges that participated is below!

Note: some judges have chosen to remain anonymous.

Venger Art Scale 1/10 – Iron Studios – 27%
Venom & Spider-Man Animated Statue – Gentle Giant – 23%
Batman Black & White (Todd McFarlane) – DC Collectibles – 19%

This category generally includes statues roughly 1/8 scale and smaller. Last year’s champion, Iron Studios, had another strong showing in 2020, but the competition is fierce…can they repeat as champion, or will a new victor be crowned? Here is the list of our nominees for Best Small Statue of 2020 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:


Venom & Spider-Man Animated Style Statue

Gentle Giant-Diamond Select

It’s a sticky situation in this new Marvel Animated Statue from Gentle Giant Ltd.! Spider-Man is all wrapped up in the Venom Symbiote in this approximately 5-inch resin sculpture based on official Marvel artwork. Statue comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed and Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios.


Scarlet Witch Artfx Premier


Inspired by the 2016 “Scarlet Witch #1” comic, the elaborate costume design in the sculpt brings out her presence as a “witch,” and the realistic expression and overall “scarlet” color scheme fully showcase the realism and “beauty” of this statue.

Despite her face being smaller than 3.5 cm, the paint decorating the statue perfectly emulates the character’s personality seamlessly. This statue will be sure to woo fans worldwide with her beautiful gaze and expression. The display of her power of telekinesis is beautifully emulated at her fingertips.


Venger with Nightmare & Shadow Demon Art Scale 1/10

Iron Studios

Iron Studios presents Venger with Nightmare & Shadow Demon Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 Statue from Dungeons & Dragon in which the fans are able to enjoy these three characters. Our hand-painted collectible statues and toys are the best gift for yourself or loved ones.


Superman Action Comics # 1

Royal Selangor

Myths develop over time. In the case of Superman’s, it emerges fully-formed in 1938, depicted on the cover of Action Comics #1.

Illustrator Alan Quah and sculptor Mufizal Mokhtar’s sensitive homage brings the cover to spectacular three-dimensional life. Cast in pewter, a recognisably retro Superman defies gravity, cape unfurled. He carries the remains of the unfortunate vehicle, in bonded porcelain. Removing its crumpled bodywork reveals a meticulously modeled chassis and engine.


Batman Black & White by Todd McFarlane

DC Collectibles

After 15 years of celebrating diverse Batman art styles through the Batman Black & White statue line, DC Direct is proud to present its 100th statue in the collection, by acclaimed writer and artist Todd McFarlane. This milestone statue is based off of McFarlane’s cover for BATMAN #423. As with the previous 99 statues in the series, McFarlane’s design reinforces the core value of DC Direct’s Batman Black & White line: to represent the printed page in 3-D form.




Although Damtoys received praises from fans since launching the 1:4 Warcraft series, many collectors missed it due to reasons such as its size. Damtoys is releasing this Orgrim statue in 1:9 scale to offer Warcraft fans another chance to collect this classic series.

A protagonist in the Warcraft movie, Orgrim in 1:9 scale is redesigned for greater movie-accuracy – with a sturdier body, in a pose that is even more dynamic. Production is necessarily meticulous, with hand-sculpted skin and hair for accurate texture. With our best effort, we present to collectors Orgrim in small scale. 


Batman Sanity – XM Studios – 36%
Batman vs Joker Battle Diorama – Iron Studios – 27%
Gandalf & Frodo – Weta Workshop – 11%

The Medium Sized Statue genre has grown…literally! This year, the Medium categories features some behemoths in addition to the standard style we have grown accustomed to. Whether its a massive multi-character diorama, or a stand-alone museum pose, 2020 had some awesome offerings. Here are our nominees for Best Medium Statue of 2020 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:


Green Lantern Maquette


Green Lantern is an inter-galactic police officer and member of the Green Lantern Corps. He was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe for his ability to overcome great obstacles using a power ring controlled by his thoughts. Standing at an impressive 16 inches tall, this founding member of the Justice League is hand-painted on a dynamic base.


Thanos on Space Throne Fine Art Statue


THANOS’ cold and eerie personality can be seen in his facial expression and the six Infinity Gems that shine brightly with an LED light inside of the Infinity Gauntlet. To top everything off, the “eyes” are what bring this statue to life. 

The realism that can be seen in the sculpt of THANOS, from the way he looks down at inferior beings from atop his throne, to the the optical illusion of his eyes always keeping watch, this statue gives off an evil and almost frightening vibe.  


Batman Sanity

XM Studios

Fan favorite Batman artist David stunned the entire XM team when he presented his concept. We expected greatness from David and he delivered above and beyond. The XM team had initially briefed David to disregard practicality and manufacturing limitations, we asked for the madness and David delivered us sanity. An incredible and perfectly balanced composition of top Batman villains surrounding the Dark Knight, taunting him endlessly pushing him over the edge. But this is Batman. And his mental willpower and determination is perhaps his strongest ability. This Art Piece is a testament to the Dark Knight’s iron-willed resolve to never cross the line – and hold on to his sanity even when surrounded by the darkest evil.


Guilliman vs Chaos Space Marine

Hand Made Object

Awoken from slumber, Guilliman is mad… And things don’t look good for his challenger at the brink of being slice into half!

Cast in premium quality solid resin and painted with master-level craftsmanship, Roboute Guilliman towers in 1/6 scale over a Black Legion Khorne Berserker. With interchangeable heads and a hyper-detailed sculpt, this piece is set to be the centerpiece of your display and talking point with all your envious buddies!


Gandalf & Frodo Master’s Collection

Weta Workshop

Sculptor Steven Saunders had the benefit of set drawings and blueprints from 3′-6″ Ltd’s art department, where the cart was designed and built for the trilogy. With digital software, Steven used these references as an overlay for the sculpture to ensure fidelity to the film scene. Model-makers David Tremont and Leonard Ellis physically re-textured the resin 3D print with an intricate level of real-world detail.

Each firework in Gandalf’s cart has been replicated directly from its film version where possible. To fill the cart, the Weta Workshop crew looked beyond what was seen on screen, basing select designs on original, previously unseen conceptual art from The Fellowship of the Ring.


Wonder Woman Rebirth

XM Studios

Size matters, but Quality even more so! The new XM DC 1:6 line is specially designed for collectors who desire more space-friendly collectibles, without compromising on the incredible details and quality of larger collectible pieces. At 1:6 scale, XM’s creative direction is to showcase more abilities, powers and essence of the characters in a bold, dynamic and story telling style. The new XM 1:6 DC line will amaze you with the details you don’t expect at this scale. 


Batman vs Joker Battle Diorama

Iron Studios

Batman faces his greatest nemesis, the Joker, in this Iron Studios statue produced based on the conceptual art of Ivan Reis, Chiaroscuro Studios and DC Comics. Pictured in combat in an abandoned alley in the city of Gotham, this 1/6 scale diorama scene captures the endless fight between the Dark Knight and the Sinister Clown in a dynamic scene part of the DC Comics Battle Diorama line, which depicts great fighting between the greatest heroes of the DC universe and their respective greatest rivals.


Batman Shogun – XM Studios – 26%
Captain America Legacy Replica – Iron Studios – 19%
Hulk Transformation – XM Studios – 18%

The Large Statue category (featuring 1/5 and 1/4 scale statues) has always been a fan favourite in this event, sort of a marquee category. Many see these statues as a perfect blend of size, detail, and presence, giving them a museum quality and feel. Here are the nominees for Best Large Statue 2020 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:


Hulk Transformation

XM Studios

XM Studios is excited to present our next Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Hulk Transformation! This beloved character is immortalized in amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish.


Batman Shogun

XM Studios

XM Studios presents Batman Shogun. The culmination of design, culture and perfection. The display piece that is guaranteed to invoke awe, discussion and most importantly – imagination of exotic worlds far away. With consultancy from authentic Samurai Armor curator in Japan, XM brings to you our proudest work yet – Batman Shogun.


Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

Prime 1 Studio & Blitzway

Blitzway’s special top artist team did the wonderful job on the statue as they are the industry’s top class in face modeling. All the characteristics are faithfully reproduced to the smallest details. The dress is made of fabric material which gives a nice touch of reality. The beautiful Mother of Dragons is surrounded by her three baby dragons – Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. They are crafted with the precision and attention to details to please even the most demanding fans. Do not miss the opportunity to add this wonderful piece to your fantasy collection!



Infinity Studio

The statue of this Athena was originally designed by Orangez Infinity Orange, real named Jiaqi Zhu , one of the founder of Infinity Studio designer and long time statue collector. The statue is based on the myth of Athena’s birth from the head of Zeus.

The statue combine the ancient Greek culture and sculpture art by using modern aesthetics to restore the beauty of Athena

Infinity Studio Facebook Page

Colossus Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles

From head to toe, Colossus is a formidable, fortified fighter ready to lend his strength to his comrades in combat. The Colossus Premium Format™ Figure features an entirely sculpted physique and costume, showcasing the might of this metallic mutant as he joins the battle against the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. This polyresin collectible captures Piotr Rasputin’s steely resolve with his silver complexion, sculpted hairstyle, and red and yellow uniform complete with gauntlets, boots, and a bodysuit with an X-Men logo belt buckle.


Captain America Legacy Replica

Iron Studios

Following the worldwide success of the Avengers: Endgame movie, Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to announce the latest Deluxe Statue from the Legacy Replica 1:4 Scale line – Captain America! Based on the likeness of Chris Evans from the film, this statue is hand-painted and limited edition.


Gambit Maquette

Sideshow Collectibles

The polyresin Gambit Maquette features a fully-sculpted costume, including a purple and black bodysuit, armored silver boots, and silver accents that all highlight his muscular physique. The legendary thief also wears a highly-detailed and dynamically sculpted trench coat designed to mimic the appearance of actual fabric as he jumps effortlessly into the fight. Gambit’s open-cowled portrait features sculpted flowing hair, stubble detailing on his chin, and even his signature black and red eyes, bringing Le Diable Blanc to life.


Hawkman Prime Scale – Iron Studios – 22%
Batman Who Laughs – Prime 1 Studio – 21%
X-Men vs Sentinel – XM Studios – 19%

2020, more than ever before, presented an incredibly competitive X-Large category! One-third scale and larger statues not only occupy large parts of our displays, but also large parts of our hearts, as this category of statue continues to increase in popularity. Prime 1 Studio, an industry leader in this size, took back the crown in 2019. Can they go back-to-back with another victory in 2020? The competition is stiff! Here are our nominees for Best X-Large Statue in 2020 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:


Michael Myers

Premium Collectibles Studio

The success of HALLOWEEN was thanks in large part to Myers, the silent stalking figure, clad in faded coveralls and a haunting white mask who prowled the streets of a small town in Illinois. This archetype resonated so well with audiences that filmmakers have been going back to it for decades. Not only has the HALLOWEEN franchise seen numerous successful sequels and remakes, films like Friday the 13th, The Prowler and more recently the Scream franchise all pay homage to John Carpenter’s classic.


Hawkman Prime Scale

Iron Studios

Hawkman is a character with several origins in the continuity of the DC multiverse. He was Prince Khufu in ancient Egypt, archaeologist Carter Hall, police officer Katar Hol of the planet Thanagar and even the avatar of Thanagarian Hawk God. 

One thing has always remained the same for Hawkman: his fight for justice, almost always next to his beloved partner Hawkgirl as the Winged Champions. Using medieval weapons in harmony with high technology, he acts in groups such as the Justice League and the Justice Society of America.


The Batman Who Laughs

Prime 1 Studio

The Batman Who Laughs is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe. He is a “Jokerrized” version of Batman who originated from the Dark Multiverse. He is the team leader of the Dark Knights and their goal is to help their master Barbatos plunge the Multiverse into complete and utter darkness. This course of action makes them enemies of the Justice League. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the event Dark Nights: Metal. This is a must have for all DC Comics Dark Nights: Metal fan!


The Joker

Queen Studios

The Queen Studios Heath Ledger Joker 1:3 statue is based on the infamous jail scene. In this scene, the Joker is caught by Commissioner Gordon. Despite being captured, the Joker looks a little too calm. As he sits in his cell, he begins to smirk. This is all part of his plan, and the games are only getting started.


Poison Ivy

Prime 1 Studio

Batman: Hush is a 2002-2003 comic book story arc published in the Batman monthly series. Poison Ivy is an enemy of Batman. She is depicted as one of the world’s most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. She uses toxins from plants and her own bloodstream for her criminal activities, which are usually aimed at protecting the natural environment. She creates love potions that ensnare Superman, and other strong-willed individuals.


X-Men vs Sentinel

XM Studios

An engineering feat that took the XM team over 2 years and a collaborative strike-force team of over 15 Artists and professionals – the X-Men VS Sentinel! Not for the faint-hearted and only for the ultimate collector with space and unrivalled passion for the X-Men, this is the display centerpiece designed to stun any viewer into a state of disbelief and wonder. Sculpted by an All-Star team comprising of Suheryanto Hatmaja, Kris Lee, Romell Chopraa, George Georgy and Marthin Agusta, engineered to perfection by the XM development team, this piece is a testament to XM’s madness in pushing beyond boundaries.



XM Studios

Crafted from scratch, every nut, bolt and wire is lovingly designed and sculpted ground up by a team in mad love with the Transformers G1 era of cartoons. Inspired by one of our childhood favorite 80s cartoon, we took the G1’s iconic form design and XMized them with modern details, to better fit in today’s expectations of sophisticated robotry designs. We have spared no effort and designing these original pieces took our core team almost 2 years, resulting in an amazing balance of retro beauty with a sleek modern details.


Captain America

Legendary Beast Studio

Showcasing Captain America in a powerful leadership stance, this pose embodies everything of who he is as a Man of Justice and Freedom. From the incredibly Iconic and detailed Eagle Base, and the 3 poses that showcase him in his modern and classic format, there are multiple displays for the collector to enjoy for years to come.

Whilst the size is impressive, we have made sure to take collectors requirements into account. Easily displayable and able to fit in any display, this Captain America will impress and fit with any collection you currently own.


Assassin’s Creed: Animus Ezio – PureArts – 29%
Final Fantasy IX: Battle of Destiny – Tsume – 16%
Spider-Man Advanced Suit – Premium Collectibles Studio – 12%

With the release of the next-gen consoles, 2020 represented a big shift in gaming…and the Gaming statues seemed to follow suit! As games become more and more immersive, the characters and stories have become even more meaningful parts of many people’s lives…that’s why these statues deserve special recognition.   Any size of statue from any type of video game (PC, Playstation, Nintendo, SEGA, XBOX…Colecovision…any platform) is eligible to take home this award. Here are the 2020 nominees for Best Gaming Statue:


Final Fantasy IX: Battle of Destiny


The artists’ main challenge with this statue was to create an alchemy between the retro style of this great video games classic, while making a state-of-the-art modern statue. This is a piece as moving as it is beautiful, which is not only candy to the eyes, but also and especially for the gamers’ heart!


Conker’s Bad Fur Day

First 4 Figures

Growing up, as any normal parent would sermon, Conker the Squirrel was taught not to be greedy and to refrain from alcoholic beverages. In Conker’s Bad Fur Day, however, that was obviously not the case. In the opening scene alone, everyone’s beloved antiheroic red squirrel lies to his girlfriend, Berri, to go out drinking with his buddies, only to (end up/find himself) lost and hungover the day after. Despite his unsavory personality and behavior, Conker rarely swears and only does so out of despair or when parroting a pop culture reference. 

His unexpected journey to the throne is a bizarre and rough one to say the least, but it is one worth witnessing to the very end. 


Assassin’s Creed: Animus Ezio


Pure Arts is proud to present Animus Ezio, the latest 1/4 scale statue to complete our Assassin’s Creed Animus Collection! Bring home Ezio Auditore as he majestically materializes from the iconic Santa Maria del Fiore with both blades at the ready. Add to the ambiance with white LED lights incorporated into the Animus effect behind Ezio.


Injustice 2: Brainiac

Prime 1 Studio

Brainiac is the main antagonist of the game (Injustice 2), who roams the universe, collecting knowledge to increase his intellectual and scientific skills. The Brainiac Statue is a beautifully crafted piece. We recreated his tall, muscular body with high attention to details. The base of the statue is inspired by Brainiac’s warship.


Spider-Man Advanced Suit

Premium Collectibles Studio

The Spider-Man Advanced Suit 1:3 Scale Statue captures all of the action and web-slinging thrills of the hit video game in a dynamic collectible format.

The Spider-Man Advanced Suit 1:3 Scale Statue features a fully sculpted costume based on the unique Spider-Man suit design created especially for Marvel’s Spider-Man. Peter’s Advanced Suit features white accents on the hands and feet as well as white spider symbols on his chest and back. Additionally, the figure features detailed blue and webbed red costume sections, textured to mimic the movement and appearance of suit fabric.


Terry Bogard: The Lone Wolf


This is a diorama depicting Terry Bogard performing his iconic desperation move, Power Geyser. The base shows the stones from the Greece stage of KoF 98 as it is destroyed by the impact of the special move. Featuring LED light up features and detachable base of the Geyser, the statue showcases one of the hero from Southtown in all his detailed glory in quarter scale. The diorama is designed to connect with future upcoming characters from the King of Fighters franchise.


Mai Shiranui

Hand Made Object

In this limited edition premium 1:4 scale statue, Mai Shiranui, as based on her original KOF ’98 design is realized in 3-Dimensions. With master level paint applications and a flowing poetic stance, HMO’s Mai Shiranui awes you with subtle elegance mixed with raw fighting power.

HMO’s Mai Shiranui comes with HMO’s very own Realeyez Technology and Realskinz Technique from the award-winning HMO Girls Series. With only limited numbers available worldwide, this is one masterpiece for all who have enjoyed the KOF series before.


Ciri & the Kitsune

CD Project Red

The Lady of Space and Time is not bound to any single realm or era — and there are entire worlds of contracts open to one so deadly and determined. This 14-inch, hand-painted figure depicts Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, heir to the Elder Blood, as an accomplished monster slayer during a turbulent time in Japanese history.

CD Project Red

Hunter X Hunter: Netero vs Meruem – Figurama Collectors – 55%
Krillin vs the Saibaimen – Tsume – 14%
Edward Elric: A Fierce Counter-Attack – Oniri Creations – 11%

The market for high-end anime or manga themed collectibles has exploded in the last few years. That’s why Anime and Manga were given their own categories last year. There are more and more new companies every year competing for this crown. This category generally includes ALL statues below 1/4 scale. That said, here are the nominees for Best Medium Statue of 2020 in the Anime/Manga genre:


Gaara “A father’s hope, a mother’s love” HQS


Last year, three concepts were submitted to the public’s vote. Feelings and passion won over and it is the vision of Gaara protected by the image in sand of its mother which prevailed…We wanted to make a statue that shows the evolution and passion of TSUME for its work. It’s a mission accomplished.


Edward Elric: A Fierce Counter-Attack

Oniri Creations

Based on the fight versus Father from the much acclaimed anime FMA Brotherhood, this statue depicts Ed launching his most powerful attack after his brother’s sacrifice. His anger will make him triumph over the most powerful Humonculous!


Hunter x Hunter: Netero vs Meruem

Figurama Collectors

Professionally sculpted by award-winning artist, Keita Okada, the Netero VS Meruem diorama seamlessly balances the anime’s vibrancy with dynamic composition, anatomical accuracy, ragged terrain, and contrasting background elements, making it Figurama Collectors most visually complex piece yet. Rounding out a layered and lifelike color scheme, Netero’s Bodhisattva arms are finished with majestic antique gold paint and translucent tips that convey their blurring speed in frozen glory.


Ichigo Kurosaki

Ryu Studio

Working alongside the talented design team at Studio HIVE, the artists at Ryu Studio have created a truly dynamic representation of Ichigo, the popular character from fan-favourite anime, Bleach!

Ryu Studio Facebook Page

Krilin vs the Saibaimen


The sculpture is all about dynamism, centered on Krillin, while the monsters explode in pieces around him. Each wave of light is enhanced by a system of LEDs and small details such as the Saibaimen that stumbles off the base, or the eye that comes out of its orbit, make this scene quite realistic.

The coloring is consistent with the previous statues of the series, with a dominant of ocher and orange hues on the base and Krillin, while contrasting with the green colors of the Saibaimen.


Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate – Figurama Collectors – 56%
Nosferatu Zodd in Apostle Form – Prime 1 Studio – 13%
Trafalgar D. Water – Tsume – 12%

Best Large Statue in the Anime/Manga genre was a huge success last year! This category generally includes statues 1/4 scale and above. We think this category has become a favourite, and it no doubt will be hotly contested again this year! Can anyone stop Figurama Collectors from repeating as champ? Here are this year’s nominees:

*Note that Figurama’s Alucard of Hellsing is not produced to a specific scale. Thus, given its immense size, it was included in the Large category.*



XM Studios

While keeping the pose simple and iconic (easier to fit in most display setups), we applied some minor ‘XMization’ in the form of color application. Instead of the usual bright cel anime inspired colors, we gave this piece a more realistic, gritty, weathered paint application along with suit and glove textures. Of course, Saitama also comes with his lovable ‘ok’ portrait as well!


Trafalgar D. Water Law HQS+


The captain of the crew of the Heart is represented here during his passage on the island of Green Bit, while he awaits the arrival of Donflamingo, the heart of Caesar Clown in his hand.

Particular attention was paid to the realization of Green Bit’s vegetation, like the bright colors and the huge plants. Sitting in the middle of this luxuriant vegetation, Law waits, a sly smile on the lips. The 1/4 scale allowed us to accentuate the details, be it the texture of the hat, the transparent leaves or the fineness of his tattoos.


Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate

Figurama Collectors

Figurama’s latest Alucard Elite Exclusive statue depicts this iconic scene of the vampire as he calls upon the full lethal power of his Familiar Control. The captured souls, each represented by an all-knowing eye, swirl beneath his feet, twisting into a ferocious beast that is ready to devour more prey. Reaching a commanding 67 centimeters (over 26 inches) in height, the Elite Exclusive statue is a dynamic piece of art.


Nosferatu Zodd in Apostle Form

Prime 1 Studio

This Ultimate Premium Masterline Berserk series brings to life the popular Japanese dark fantasy comics/manga and crafted with attention to details and true to the original design of the character.

Nosferatu Zodd with LED Light up on eyes stand approximately 32 inches tall and 40 inches width representing one of the most iconic scenes of Zodd in his Apostle form.


G-1 Ken the Eagle

Prime 1 Studio

The meticulously crafted of each part of the statue such as the eagle-like Bird Style colored in white with a beautiful red interior, as well as a white helmet with red and black accents. G-1 Ken the Eagle statue comes with interchangeable hand with/without holding a Birdrang. Moreover, with the LED light-up features on the base, Ken Washio measures approximately 29-inches tall under a defeated drone standing in his way.


Roronoa Zoro

Unique Art Studio

From Unique Art Studio, this truly impressive statue of Roronoa Zoro is based on an illustration from the August 2010-released Log Collection DVD jacket. Zoro is on the attack with his three swords, fighting his way through a vortex of waves; every detail of Zoro and his outfit is carefully reproduced, and the water is recreated with a clear material for realism.


Wonder Woman Life-Size Bust – Infinity Studio – 47%
Wolverine Bust – Sideshow Collectibles – 16%
Pennywise Life-Size Bust – Elite Creature Collectibles – 12%

When the statue focuses on the face, you get a direct view into the emotion that drives the character. You look directly into its eyes and feel what it feels…is it a hero, or does it want to swallow you whole? When you are standing “face to face” with a collectible, you have a chance to connect, and this is why busts are a special type of collectible and why all busts, no matter what size, compete in their own special category!  With increasing levels of realism, busts have taken a giant leap forward in recent years! Queen Studios took the crown last year with their Thanos Life-Size Bust…can they repeat this year, or will we see a new champion? Here are the nominees for Best Bust from 2020:



Sideshow Collectibles

The Wolverine Bust measures 9” tall as the legendary Canadian mutant flexes his claws in preparation for a fighting frenzy. Logan is hunched forward, torso resting on a simple stone-like pillar base marked with gouges from an Adamantium-infused attack.

The polyresin Wolverine Bust features a fully-sculpted blue and yellow costume detailed with varying fabric-like textures. His snarling portrait is highly expressive, with intricately sculpted teeth, a strong jawline, and vicious eyes behind his black-finned cowl. His muscular arms include bulging veins and painted hair detail, letting you know that he means business, bub.


Kagero Predator Life-Size Bust


One Kanji「影」in the name can be interpreted as “Ninja” in Japanese. He is like a special assassin designed to silently kill his targets. Also, KAGERŌ has an alternative meaning. 陽炎( KAGERŌ) can mean “Heat waves”. He is like the flames of an inferno which usually believed how Predators appear.


Captain Marvel Life-Size Bust

Queen Studios

The Queen Studios Captain Marvel 1:1 bust aims to capture Captain Marvel with her suit and helmet. In the movie, Captain Marvel has a showdown with Ronan the Accuser. Here, she suspends mid-air with her hair flowing and glowing due to the energy that surrounds her. In the bust, The hair and eyes light up to represent the character’s energy. To give the bust the human touch, the bottom of her jaw is made of medical-grade silicone which looks and feels like real skin.


Wonder Woman Life-Size Bust

Infinity Studio

This Warner Bros licensed life-size bust of Wonder Woman is the ultimate work of Infinity Studio. The bust was carefully crafted and supervised by the creative director – OrangeZ. The whole development process of creating this bust represents a new milestone of Infinity Studio. 

With an incredible height of 73 cm, this expertly crafted bust is made of silica gel in many areas such as the head, arms, and body skin. In order to create the realistic portrait look of Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot hand punched artificial hair is used in the bust.


Pennywise Life-Size Bust

Elite Creature Collectibles

Elite Creature Collectibles is proud to introduce our museum-quality Pennywise bust from the movie IT based on the 1986 novel of the same name by Stephen King. This iconic villain is perfectly sculpted by legendary Hollywood makeup effects sculptor Mitch Devane, whose credits include The Nutty Professor, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warrior, Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, Mighty Joe Young and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.


Batman Legends in 3-Dimensions

Diamond Select

Pay tribute to the Legend of the Dark Knight with this half-scale bust of Batman, as he appeared in Batman: The Animated Series! Part of the Legends in 3D line of busts, this approximately 10-inch portrait is limited to only 1,000 pieces, and comes packaged in a full-color box with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity. Designed by Joe Allard, sculpted by Varner Studios.


Figurama Collectors – 43%
Iron Studios – 20%
XM Studios – 12%

With so many producers competing for your hard earned cash, it is absolutely a great time to be a collector! Whether you are into gaming, anime, manga, comics, movies, television, or original art, there is something out there for you.

This award is not only about who puts out the coolest looking stuff…although that does play a part in it! It’s also about presentation, customer service, fan interaction, product quality, and meeting expectations. There is so much to consider here…all that said, which company captured your attention in 2020?


Why isn’t Statue X a nominee?

For various reasons, we want the event to run in early January. Since we all have day jobs, that means we need some time in December to prepare behind the scenes. For this reason, we cut off eligibility at December 25th…so statues had to start shipping before that time. Statues released after December 25th are considered for the 2020 Statue Awards (they are not forgotten!).

We also do not consider variants as eligible. If a statue released this year is a straight-up variant of a previous statue, it is not eligible no matter how awesome it is.

In addition, we have a cap of two statues per company per category (collaborations between companies are considered unique entities). Why? First, we believe that having too many entries from one company is a double edged sword: yes, it showcases that the company had a great year, but it also severely impacts their chance to win by splitting their fan’s votes. Second, we firmly believe in showcasing the global nature of the hobby. These aren’t the “Company X” awards, they are the Statue Awards, and we strive to include the entirety that this robust hobby has to offer. This competition may show you something you have never seen before and open your eyes to new corners of collecting. The global nature of this event makes it unique, and this is a fact that we take pride in.

My favourite statue is eligible, but isn’t nominated, what gives?

When our nominees are released, please remember these are just the statues that WE feel were the best for the year. If a statue is left off, it does not mean that we do not like the piece. It is an extremely difficult task to whittle down such a massive list of collectibles to only a handful each year.

We use a variety of criteria when judging the statues: Sculpt, Design, Paint & Mixed Media, Accuracy, and Production Quality. When considering ALL of the criteria, a charmingly simple 6″ statue can be equally as impressive as a monstrous 36″ statue. A statue could be the most detailed and technically accurate statue we’ve ever seen, but if 75% of them show up to collectors with major problems, that is going to hold it back in our eyes.

That said, YOU can still vote for whatever statue you want, provided it was released between December 26, 2019and December 25, 2020. Simply type the name of your choice in the ‘Other’ box on the vote form. Ensure the statue you want to vote for is licensed and meets the criteria of the category, otherwise your vote will be wasted!

How do I vote?

You simply have to use the handy vote form above, and log in with your Facebook account. You can only vote 1 time! Don’t bother trying to cheat, we will catch you!

What happens if there is a tie?

Bmutha saves his personal vote until the end. In the rare event there is a tie (it has happened in the past), Bmutha will break it with his vote, so that there is one distinct winner in each category.

How can I support Statue Awards?

Statue collecting is our passion, and we gladly put in the work throughout the year to bring this event to collectors around the world. But, if you truly want to help, all that we ask is that you consider giving our Facebook page and Instagram page a ‘Like‘, and subscribing to our new YouTube channel. Doing so truly does help, so we appreciate your consideration.