2021 Statue Awards!

The original, and longest running awards showcase for the Statue Collecting hobby is back for the 8th consecutive year!

As 2021 comes to close and we enter into 2022 (aka 3 AC – after covid), we can pause to reflect on the year that was in the statue collecting hobby. Another year full of challenges – material shortages, supply chain delays, skyrocketing prices – has not stopped some amazing pieces from hitting our shelves!

As with previous years, statues will be separated into Comics/Movies/Originals, Gaming, Anime/Manga, and Busts. There will be NO CROSSOVER between divisions.

The Industry Award is also back for the third straight year! This unique award is chosen by a panel of extremely talented artists and industry professionals from across this great hobby!

We believe in the collector’s choice, with their discerning eye for quality and fine craftsmanship…so, now it’s time to decide the best of the best for 2021! Before you head down to the vote form to have your say, be sure to read the rules of the competition below.


Rules & Eligibility
Vote Form

Industry Award

Best Small Statue
Best Medium Statue
Best Large Statue
Best X-Large Statue

Best Medium Statue
Best Large Statue

Best Gaming Statue
Best Bust
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How are nominees selected?

Throughout the year, we tracked the reveals and releases of dozens of companies, which resulted in hundreds of statues in 2021! With our own extensive research and internal deliberations, along with your fan write-in nominations (which ran from December 1st to December 24th), we have curated a short list nominees in each of our categories that we feel best exemplify excellence in this wonderful hobby. When considering statues, we are looking for distinction in design, sculpt, paint, quality of the end product, and innovation.

We stand by our nominees, but we recognize that not all collectors will agree with our selections. That is why our nominees are only meant to highlight what we feel were the best releases of the year, and we DO NOT restrict your votes to these statues. You can use the ‘Other’ option on the form to cast your vote for whatever statue you feel is worthy in each category.


Voting to determine the winner of each individual category will commence on January 10th, 2022 at noon EST and close on January 15th, 2022 also at noon EST.

Results will be revealed LIVE on Shelf Space, January 16th, 2022 starting at 1PM EST. Be sure to tune in and participate in the live chat!

Photo Credit

Photos used in our banners are generally official product images from each individual company. We’d love to credit all of the great photographers responsible for these images, but that information is generally unknown. However, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to these people for providing such excellent quality images! A handful of the photographs used are our own, or from our talented friends. Individual photo credit, if known, is given on the statue’s individual blurb below.

Please note that the side by side images on the banners are not to scale and are not meant to indicate the relative size between statues.

Artist Credit

This industry has so many talented artists involved, whether it be sculptors, painters, concept designers, mold and cast makers, cut & sew experts, engineers etc. The names of the artists involved with each project are not always easy to find: some companies choose to highlight the individuals, while others look at each project as a total team effort. We have linked to the product page for each product highlighted below, where you can go to find out more about the artists involved.

Eligibility Period

Statues released during the period of December 26, 2020 to December 25, 2021 are eligible for the 2021 Statue Awards.  The statue must be shipped and IN HAND with collectors during this period in order to be eligible for the 2021 Statue Awards.

Licensed Only

We can all appreciate some of the great “fan art” out there, but this competition is for licensed statues only.

Statue Size

The statues in our event are generally separated by scale, as noted in the categories below. However, some statues have to be moved around to a category that better suits them. Transformers, for example, strictly speaking would usually fall into the Small Statue category based on scale. However, these whopping 30″ plus statues simply do not belong there, and get moved to the X-Large category that is much more applicable. So, basically, we’re saying that there are exceptions to every rule. We carefully consider each statue and where it belongs in our competition.


We do our best to make sure all of the information about each statue is accurate. But, we are only human, so if you see any errors or you can fill in some of the missing information, feel free to contact us!


Watch the LIVE results episode at 1PM EST on January 16th, 2022. You can also check it out on Bmutha’s YouTube channel, or Bmutha’s Facebook page, or the Shelf Space channel!


Thranduil, the Woodland King by Weta Workshop – 22%
X-Men vs Sentinel # 3 by Iron Studios – 16%
Asajj Ventress Mythos Statue by Sideshow – 13%

We have polled some of the best and brightest from the statue collecting hobby – sculptors, art directors, concept designers, painters, and industry professionals – to determine their singular choice for Best Statue of 2021!

This poll was conducted in secret prior to the fan vote portion of the event. So, the results are already determined, and are completely unaffected by the results of the fan vote.

We want to extend a very special thank you to everyone that took the time to vote on this award! For 2021 we had a responses from many amazing judges! A list of some of the amazing judges that participated is below!

Special thanks to this year’s Industry Award judges:

Note: some judges have chosen to remain anonymous.


Darth Vader: Industrial Empire by Kotobukiya – 28%
Juggernaut by Legendary Beast Studios – 22%
Hulk: Marvel Treasury # 5 by Royal Selangor – 15%

Iron Studios has dominated this category recently, winning the past three years in a row! But, this year the field for this category has been expanded to include all statues under 1/6 scale….so, if Iron Studios want to win an unprecedented fourth consecutive year, this will be their toughest test yet!

Here is the list of our nominees for Best Small Statue 2021 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:

Gentle Giant – Diamond Select

It’s clobberin’ time! The rocky curmudgeon of the Fantastic Four is now a super-adorable animated-style statue! Based on the variant cover artwork of Skottie Young, this action-packed piece shows Thing running into the fray, and stands approximately 4 inches tall. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, it features detailed sculpting and paint applications, and comes packed in a full-color box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Sculpted by Paul Harding!

Diamond Select

Legendary Beast Studios

The Juggernaut is an unstoppable force and this powerful pose embodies that in full. Crushing through the doors of the X-Mansion, Juggernaut has only one thing on his mind. To crush the X-Men!! Showcasing detailed pillars and the explosive detail of the mansion’s doors exploding around him. Juggernaut has come to life as he bears down on the first to encounter his rage.

Legendary Beast Studios

Royal Selangor

This sensational revisit of Marvel Treasury Edition #5 captures all the explosive dynamism of John Romita’s original 1975 cover art. Visually manifesting his ‘Hulk smash!’ battle cry, Bruce Banner’s indomitable alter ego displays the brute strength brought on by gamma radiation as he demolishes masonry with ridiculous ease.

RS Figures


Standing triumphantly, Darth Vader™ takes on a uniquely steampunk appearance in the work entitled “Industrial Empire”. World-renowned artist Adi Granov created this exclusive illustration in collaboration with Lucasfilm just for Kotobukiya!

Reimagined in this iconic style, the Dark Lord of the Sith™ appears in a forbidding pose, arm outstretched and encased in a battle-worn suit embellished with metal plating, rivets and various pressure gauges.


Iron Studios

On top of a building in the big city of Metropolis, Clark Kent, the shy reporter for the Daily Planet tabloid, glimpses the sky while opening his shirt, revealing his unmistakable red and yellow coat of arms in the shape of an ”S” on his so popular blue suit.

Iron Studios

Iron Studios

Deep in the caves of Moria, in a marble mausoleum where the Tomb of Balin is located, brave warriors prepare for combat to the sound of Orcs drums.

Thus, in the midst of an attack by a horde of Orcs, the monstrous ape-like, reptilian-looking monstrous humanoid of Tolkien’s works was presented in the vision of director Peter Jackson in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Now armed with his war hammer, collar and bondage chain to the Orcs of Sauron, he will invade the collection of fans and collectors with his impressive statue.

Iron Studios


Thranduil, the Woodland King by Weta Workshop – 23%
Superman, For Tomorrow by Oniri Creations – 22%
Lobo Rebirth by XM Studios – 18%

Can the Main Man, Lobo, propel XM Studios to a back-to-back title in 2021, or will a new victor emerge?

A slight change to this category for 2021 – this year, the Medium category includes all 1/6 and 1/5 scale statues. Whether its a massive multi-character diorama, or a stand-alone museum pose, 2021 had some awesome offerings. Here are our nominees for Best Medium Statue 2021 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:


Ventress’s signature pale complexion contrasts with her bold costume, and her hooded portrait features the Zabrak’s signature facial markings around the mouth and eyes. The Asajj Ventress Mythos Statue also includes an alternate portrait with her hood down, revealing her bald head and piercing white gaze, allowing collectors to reveal this enemy of the Jedi with an additional display option.



Hordak is a supervillain who opposes She-Ra and He-Man, as well as the franchise’s main villain, Skeletor, to whom he was once a mentor. Standing at 21 inches tall, Hordak is sculpted to menacing perfection as the iconic supervillain.


XM Studios

XM Studios is excited to present our next 1:6 DC Premium Collectibles DC Rebirth series statue, Lobo! The main man himself is immortalized in amazingly detailed 1:6 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the famous XM quality finish.

XM Studios

Watch Bmutha’s 2019 NYCC review HERE!

Hand Made Object

To say Logan is popular is to say the stars in the sky are plentiful. He is the warrior-king of the Space Wolves, a wise and cunning leader of men whose adulation borders upon worship on many Imperial worlds. The Old Wolf inspires such unshakeable loyalty that he has led the Sons of Russ into unimaginable terrors and emerged with victory grasped firmly in his claws. Under Grimnar’s command, men become heroes, and heroes become legends.

Hand Made Object

Oniri Créations

Translating author’s art in 3D is no easy task. Going the realistic route wasn’t going to work here, so our sculptor went for a very stylized, chiseled anatomy instead. We also spent a lot of time working on the portraits, trying to capture the definitive Man of Steel likeness.

Oniri Créations

Weta Workshop

The rich detail was achieved through a combination of digital and physical sculpting. Once the form was 3D printed, Steven applied a base layer of clay and worked methodically to capture a range of textures by hand. The resultant statue is one of great contrast; of surfaces rough and matte; smooth and glossy. Flattened staircase slabs and intricate fallen foliage. Above it all, the curling antlers of the Elven throne, half-carved, half-grown, with the King himself sitting in autumnal fabric, majestic.

Weta Workshop


Thanos Endgame by Queen Studios – 21%
Daredevil Legacy Replica by Iron Studios – 17%
The Dark Lord Sauron by Prime 1 Studio – 15%

XM Studios was back on top in 2020 with the awesome Batman Shogun…in 2021 they will attempt to SMASH the competition again. But, this year sees one of the strongest fields ever, so it definitely won’t be easy!

The Large Statue category (featuring 1/4 scale statues) has always been a fan favourite in this event, sort of a marquee category. Many see these statues as a perfect blend of size, detail, and presence, giving them a museum quality and feel. Here are the nominees for Best Large Statue 2021 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:

Iron Studios

Blinded as a child in an accident that left his other senses enhanced to extraordinary levels, Matt Murdock fights relentlessly for the law and for justice, both as a crusading attorney and as the hard-hitting costumed crime fighter called Daredevil.


Watch Bmutha’s full review HERE!


The Dejah Thoris Premium Format™ Figure is a vision of regal beauty, sculpted in polystone and draped in metal chain jewelry that is customary of the inhabitants of Barsoom. The Princess of Helium is also adorned in a number of highly-wrought ornaments, from her golden bracelets and earrings to her jeweled crown.


XM Studios

A traditionally hand-sculpted piece by artist Aaron Rey Perez, Planet Hulk is definitely a key art piece in every Marvel collector’s collection. A unique Hulk piece that follows Hulk’s journey and storyline in Planet Hulk, collectors have the option to display Hulk as Gladiator Hulk and King Hulk with the available switch-outs. Details and textures from Hulk’s skin, the leather-clad pieces and straps, his distressed wood-like shield and the armour that encases Hulk, are all sculpted to life-like detail.

XM Studios

Prime 1 Studio

An extraterrestrial species characterized by their hunting of Xenomorphs/Aliens for faith and honor using a combination of highly advanced technology are the Yautja, also widely known as Predators.

Prime 1 Studio

Watch Bmutha’s full review HERE!

Prime 1 Studio

Sauron is portrayed as a towering “black knight” in spiky plate armor wielding a huge black mace. We based the statue pose on the film scene where Sauron is raising the right arm with the One Ring on his finger. We did our best to recreate his beautiful armor covered in a mysterious pattern, the black cape he is wearing is made of a real fabric.

Prime 1 Studio

Queen Studios

This limited edition collectible Thanos statue depicts the demigod as he sits waiting for the Avengers. The whole scene is masterfully recreated sparing no detail. The Mad Titan is wearing his golden armour, with his double edge sword standing beside him, and his helmet resting on top. Both the base and body fit perfectly with the two head sculpts making this statue a must have for the discerning collector!

Queen Studios

Watch Bmutha’s full review HERE!

Uman Studio

Upon it sat a shape, black-mantled, huge and threatening. A crown of steel he bore, but between rim and robe naught was there to see, save only a deadly gleam of eyes: the Lord of the Nazgûl… now he was come again, bringing ruin, turning hope to despair, and victory to death. A great black mace he wielded.

The Return of the King

XM Studios

XM Studios is excited to present our next Marvel Premium Collectibles series statue, Ultron! The nemesis of Avengers is immortalized in amazingly detailed 1:4 scale cold-cast porcelain. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish. Don’t miss out on adding Ultron to your Avengers collection!

XM Studios


Hush Batman Batcave by Prime 1 Studio – 23%
X-Men vs Sentinel # 3 by Iron Studios – 17%
Thor by Legendary Beast Studios – 16%

Iron Studios captured this award for the first time in 2020, and are making a strong bid to go back-to-back in 2021…but there are some strong contenders standing in their way. Will we see a new champion for the X-Large category?

This category includes all statues over 1/4 scale, as well as non-scale and otherwise huge statues, such as Transformers and those huge multi-character dioramas. These statues not only occupy large parts of our displays, but also large parts of our hearts, as this category of statue continues to increase in popularity. Here are our nominees for Best X-Large Statue 2021 from the Comics/Movies/Originals genre:

Queen Studios

The head sculpt for our Atlantean hero has been the biggest challenge for Queen Studios’ artists. Momoa has a unique look, and it took us countless attempts to match his likeness in the right scale. The 1:2 Aquaman is painstakingly hand sculpted, before we add top grade silicone to give the look and feel of real skin. Each hair is also carefully implanted and groomed to almost perfection.

Queen Studios

JND Studios

The goal was to recreate life as closely as possible. Silicone, glass eye, and implanted hair were used to achieve this goal. Compared to PVC or polystone that many statues are made of, our silicone is superior in terms of likeness and durability. Together with Kojun’s sublime painting to add to silicone skin’s likeness, in-house produced glass eye, and implanted hair, collectors are now able to enjoy the most hyper-realistic collectible ever created.

JND Studios

Prime 1 Studio

It is a beautifully crafted statue with an exceptional attention to detail with a specific texture very similar to the comic art. The base is specially designed to resemble Batman’s Batcave with as much detail as possible to give it a more realistic look. There is also a Bat Console System that can be extended upwards with a built-in LED light-up and designed with both the best of analog and the tech of the future in mind.

Prime 1 Studio

XM Studios

Crafted from scratch, every nut, bolt and wire is lovingly designed and sculpted ground up by a team in mad love with the Transformers G1 era of cartoons. Inspired by one of our childhood favorite 80s cartoons, we took the G1’s iconic form design and XMized them with modern details, to better fit in today’s expectations of sophisticated robotry designs

XM Studios

Prime 1 Studio

The wandering and fearless adventurer is perfectly crafted with attention to details with her iconic chain mail armor which emphasize her flawless body. She is designed to be viewed in 360 degrees, standing approximately 31 inches tall in her dynamic pose about to kill the ferocious giant snake.

Prime 1 Studio

Iron Studios

Created by scientist Bolivar Trask, ”Sentinels” are giant robots built to capture and/or exterminate mutants. Among the greatest threats ever faced by the X-Men in the Marvel universe, they have the ability to adapt to the powers of their targets. Used by various villains, groups and governments, Sentinels are responsible for the deaths of thousands of mutants in their trajectory.

Iron Studios

XM Studios

We have spared no effort and designing these original pieces took our core team almost 2 years, resulting in an amazing balance of retro beauty with a sleek modern details.

XM Studios

Legendary Beast Studios

Hot off the heels of the sold-out Captain America, this is the 2nd in the line of the 1/3 Premium Format series, adding to our imposing Avengers line. Displaying the absolute power of a God, this statue is expressing Thor in all of his true form and nature. Looking down on those that would come against him, he stands tall and strong above those beneath him. Capture under his feet is the true story of his people and himself, with the saga of Ragnarok laid bare for all to see.

Legendary Beast Studios


Touka vs Tsukiyama by Figurama Collectors – 33%
Jiraiya: One Last Heartbeat by Tsume – 29%
Guts & Zodd vs Ganishka by Oniri Creations – 14%

Can anyone stop Figurama Collectors? They have won the Anime/Manga categories every year since their inception…but, this lineup looks fierce. Could this be the year we see a new champion in this category?

The market for high-end anime or manga themed collectibles has exploded in the last few years, and there are more and more new companies every year competing for this crown. This category generally includes all 1/6 scale and under statues. That said, here are the nominees for Best Medium Statue 2021 in the Anime/Manga genre:

Oniri Créations

For our very first Berserk statue, we’ve gone all-out! We wanted to capture an epic moment from the manga and we instantly thought about Tome 32 when Guts and Zodd join forces against Ganishka. Berserk is very special to us and we’ve worked extremely hard to deliver this Diorama limited to only 450 copies, and approved by the master himself Kentaro Miura.

Oniri Créations

Revive Studio

As one of Konohagakure’s Legendary Three Ninja, the exceptionally powerful Jiraiya passed his advanced ninja skills and knowledge to his godson and final student, Naruto. As seen in Naruto: Shippuden, Jiraiya has been sculpted performing his jutsu, accompanied by the Two Great Sage Toads, Fukasaku and Shima.

SpecFiction Shop

Figurama Collectors

Tokyo Ghoul: Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue is a 1/6-scale masterpiece that envisions the battle between Touka and Tsukiyama in the sacred solitude of the church. Setting a record as the first Figurama Collectors statue to feature a female character, its aesthetics include a shattered stained-glass window that illuminates the graceful combatants in holy LED lighting.

Figurama Collectors

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Jimei Palace

Marshall D. Teach, most commonly referred to by his epithet “Blackbeard”, is the admiral of the Blackbeard Pirates and one of the Yonko. He is also the only known person in history to wield the power of two Devil Fruits

Marvelous Toys


An epic moment that we decided to immortalize through the realization of a 1/8 HQS statue by Tsume, paying tribute to the heroic legendary ninja! Very dynamic, the statue emphasises the intense emotion felt in the heart of the action, like a freeze frame: that of one ultimate heartbeat, a last will that will change the course of the future…


HEX Collectibles

In his final battle against Itachi, Sasuke evolved his Sharingan with three tomoe to the Mangekyo Sharingan. He also awakened Susano’o, which can act as a form of armor and fight on his behalf. In its developmental forms, Susano’o is a skeletal structure with a purple chakra light. As seen in the anime, the skeletal arm represents the first form of Susano’o and has yet to evolve into the further stages. Additionally, the black flames of Amaterasu are burning in the scene and add stunning effects to the piece.



Attack on Titan by Figurama Collectors – 59%
Super Saiyan Son Goku by Prime 1 Studio – 15%
Berserk HQS+ by Tsume – 13%

The juggernaut known as Figurama Collectors has won this category every year since we started the Anime/Manga categories…but, some Super Saiyans and a giant bull-horned monster may have something to say about that!

Best Large Statue in the Anime/Manga genre has been a huge success the past few years! This category generally includes statues over 1/6 scale; however, ultra-huge non-scale statues also get placed in this category. We think this category has become a favourite, and it no doubt will be hotly contested again this year! Can anyone stop Figurama Collectors from three-peating as champ? Here are this year’s nominees:


On a technical side, this statue is setting the next pinnacle of what Tsume® can do. Sculpture is both very detailed and true to the anime, especially Zodd’s fur and the three characters’ expressions. The background offers various points of interests, such as the base who mimics ancient wall sculptures and offers a unique Behelit-adorned fresco telling the story of Berserk. Our LED lighting system allows us to offer both warms with the flames of the torches, and life through Zodd’s blazing gaze. Of course, the colouring job is stunning and embodies perfectly the gritty and gory mood of Miura Kentaro’s masterpiece. Last but not least, both Griffith and Guts come with two heads, so you can choose how to display each of them: with or without his helmet.


Soul Wing

From Dragon Ball Z, the battle between powered up Trunks and Mecha Freeza is captured in this epic highly detailed sculpture by Soul Wing. The flames on the base light up as Trunks swings his Brave Sword mid air.

Big Bad Toy Store

Figurama Collectors

Dynamically posed like professional hand-to-hand fighters, the Titans prepare for another explosive impact with their powerful muscles on full display. Flying in on her omni-directional mobility gear, Eren’s childhood friend Mikasa tethers herself to the Armored Titan’s neck with her flesh-cleaving blades ready, her small form revealing the massive scale of the Titans. A defined silhouette and balanced composition allow collectors to view the unforgettable battle from any angle as it unfolds over a base representing Attack on Titan’s walled cities—a grim reminder of humanity’s helplessness against the Titans.

Figurama Collectors

Iron Kite Studio

Kakashi Hatake (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi) is a shinobi of Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. Famed as Kakashi of the Sharingan (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi), he is one of Konoha’s most talented ninja, regularly looked to for advice and leadership despite his personal dislike of responsibility. To his students on Team 7, Kakashi emphasises the importance of teamwork; he himself received this lesson, along with the Sharingan, from his childhood friend, Obito Uchiha.


Unique Art

Sanji is the crew’s chain-smoking, nineteen/twenty-one-year-old chef. There is not a dish he cannot cook, a pretty girl he will not try to woo, or something he will not argue with Zoro over. As a chef, he believes that he cannot afford to let his hands come to harm, as they are his most precious tools of the trade. So uses a fighting style which only involves the use of his legs and feet called the “Black Leg Style” (Kuroashi no Waza).


Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio and MegaHouse are proud to collaborate to make a long-awaited statue of the main protagonist Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z! We chose his popular Super Saiyan look in a dynamic Kamehameha Pose with an LED Light-up function which gives some vigor to the whole statue. We also added some small highly detailed parts to the base and the whole body that gives an amazing effect of a fierce battle.

Prime 1 Studio

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Assassin’s Creed: Animus Eivor by PureArts – 22%
Kratos & Atreus by Prime 1 Studio – 18%
Lich King Arthas by Blizzard – 17%

Canadian company, PureArts has only been around for a few years, but in that short time they have managed to capture three Statue Awards – including back-to-back Best Gaming Statue! This year, they will try to make it an Assassin’s Creed three-peat.

As games become more and more immersive, the characters and stories have become even more meaningful parts of many people’s lives…that’s why these statues deserve special recognition.   Any size of statue from any type of video game (PC, Playstation, Nintendo, SEGA, XBOX…Colecovision…any platform) is eligible to take home this award. Here are the 2021 nominees for Best Gaming Statue:


Featuring two premium head sculpts, fans can choose between male and female Eivor as easily as they can in the game. This ¼ scale statue also features key weapons from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, including the legendary Hidden Blade. This iconic blade is made visible on top of Eivor’s forearm.


Prime 1 Studio

This is a very photorealistic, beautifully crafted piece that should satisfy all DMC series fans. We recreated each detail of Dante’s stylish appearance from his red, long coat, leather trousers, passing through variety of Dante’s classic arsenal and ending with his gray hair and cool facial expression.

Prime 1 Studio

Prime 1 Studio

The Kratos & Atreus Statue stands approximately 28.5 inches tall and features the highly detailed bodies covered in the New Ivaldi’s Deadly Mist Armor Set. The equipment is made with accuracy and precision. A LED light up function is added in Mimir’s eyes.

Prime 1 Studio

TriEagles Studio

When developers shifted their focus to include an idol character in the series, they decided to scrap the Shiranui man for Mai. Her characteristic “bounce” was loosely modified from a kunoichi (female ninja) method of assassination: to be sensual to their unassuming prey before they strike.

SNK Fandom

Premium Collectibles Studio

The Venompool 1:3 Scale Statue is fully sculpted from head to toe with terrifying textures where the swirling symbiote is practically sutured to his suit. Based on his unique character model, his black and red costume blends the best elements of both twisted antiheroes, including tactical pouches, a pair of wrapped katanas, and a nightmarish symbiote smile. The statue includes two swap-out portraits featuring a closed-mouth grin and an open-mouth snarl revealing his long tongue. The remnants of the cosmic champion’s chains can be seen on his ankles and wrists, proving that no restraints can match the might of Venompool.



Few have fallen into darkness as completely as the former prince of Lordaeron, Arthas Menethil. From noble beginnings, Arthas’ calculated decisions led him to corruption and despair. He slaughtered those he loved, and many curse his name to this day. As the Lich King, he ruled over a land as bleak as his heart, and his story is a warning to those seeking revenge at any cost.



Bruce Lee Life Size Bust by Infinity Studio – 25%
Joker (2019) Life Size Bust by Queen Studios – 21%
Ichigo Life Size Bust by Tsume – 19%

The Best Bust category has seen a different champion each year of its existence…will we finally see a repeat champion in 2021?

When the statue focuses on the face, you get a direct view into the emotion that drives the character. You look directly into its eyes and feel what it feels…is it a hero, or does it want to swallow you whole? When you are standing “face to face” with a collectible, you have a chance to connect, and this is why busts are a special type of collectible and why all busts, no matter what size, compete in their own special category!  With the introduction of materials like silicone skin, glass eyes, and real hair…busts have started to become the gold standard for realism in our collections! Here are the nominees for Best Bust from 2021:

Queen Studios

The 1:1 life-size Alita Battle Angel is a movie accurate collectible based on the appearance of Alita in the 2019 film. The Queen Studios team have worked hard to create a head sculpt with incredible likeness. Her eyes are custom made by some of the best artists in China. Her delicate soft skin is made of high-quality silicone making her look super realistic!

Queen Studios

Elite Creature Collectibles

Anubis is the Greek name of a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a canine or a man with a canine head.

Now, the artists at ECC are rediscovering the history of Mythology, finding in it inspiration for the re-imagining of these characters. From a fascination with the natural world, the intricacies of geometric design, heroic tales of gods and monsters, to a passion for the human form and the Classical Style, the Anubis bust is one of the most carefully and subtly conceived sculptures ECC has created to date.

Elite Creature Collectibles

Infinity Studio

The ocular prosthesis is specially customized for the statue and replicate actual skin texture by medical platinum silicone. Infinity Studio did not forget his palm prints and fingerprints, all details referred to real data. His hairs were planted manual, the mustache and beard were shaved after planted by hand.



Nine months of meticulous work, more than 500 hours of sculpting, were needed to create this unique and unmatched interpretation. Now, you can display in your living room a lifelike character, as close to the original art as it is possible. Obviously, the face was the biggest challenge. We wanted Ichigo to be accurate from any angle, and we created a new technique for eye rendering so it would look both lively and accurate to the manga style.


JOKER (2019)
Queen Studios

The 1:1 life-size Joker bust by Queen Studios captures the Arthur Fleck Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix in the 2019 box office smash. Made of top grade silicone, this limited edition collectible bust is sculpted to perfection to achieve full character likeness. His signature Joker make-up is carefully applied to make him instantly recognisable, and his hair is died and professionally cut to add the finishing touches.

Queen Studios

Infinity Studio

Infinity Studio presents this Superman life-size bust, authorized by Warner Bros., and designed and made by Infinity Studio. Modeled based on the most classic scene where he changes from reporter to Superman. The statue is 88cm high, with the head and arm skin all made in medical-grade platinum silicone. Featuring hairs and mustache punched with artificial hair. Almost 100,000 hairs, were punched manually one by one. The eyes are customized blue ocular prosthesis and faithfully represent the Justice League superhero.



Figurama Collectors – 46%
XM Studios – 12%
Prime 1 Studio – 10%

With so many producers competing for your hard earned cash, it is absolutely a great time to be a collector! Whether you are into gaming, anime, manga, comics, movies, television, or original art, there is something out there for you.

This award is not only about who puts out the coolest looking stuff…although that does play a part in it! It’s also about presentation, customer service, fan interaction, product quality, and meeting expectations. There is so much to consider here…all that said, which company captured your attention in 2021?


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This year you can also vote on Instagram by checking the ‘Stories’ polls on Bmutha’s official Instagram page (@kbales)! Each day new categories will be available to vote on, so check back each day until the voting closes on January 8th at noon EST!

***Note: You must sign in to the Google form to vote; however, your identity is anonymous, and your email address is NOT collected – you won’t be receiving any bogus newsletters from Bmutha.com later on!***


Why isn’t Statue X a nominee?

For various reasons, we want the event to run in early January. Since we all have day jobs, that means we need some time in December to prepare behind the scenes. For this reason, we cut off eligibility at December 25th…so statues had to start shipping before that time. Statues released after December 25th are considered for the 2021 Statue Awards (they are not forgotten!).

We also do not consider variants as eligible. If a statue released this year is a straight-up variant of a previous statue, it is not eligible no matter how awesome it is.

In addition, we have a cap of two statues per company per category (collaborations between companies are considered unique entities). Why? First, we believe that having too many entries from one company is a double edged sword: yes, it showcases that the company had a great year, but it also severely impacts their chance to win by splitting their fan’s votes. Second, we firmly believe in showcasing the global nature of the hobby. These aren’t the “Company X” awards, they are the Statue Awards, and we strive to include the entirety that this robust hobby has to offer. This competition may show you something you have never seen before and open your eyes to new corners of collecting. The global nature of this event makes it unique, and this is a fact that we take pride in.

My favourite statue is eligible, but isn’t nominated, what gives?

When our nominees are released, please remember these are just the statues that WE feel were the best for the year. If a statue is left off, it does not mean that we do not like the piece. It is an extremely difficult task to whittle down such a massive list of collectibles to only a handful each year.

We use a variety of criteria when judging the statues: Sculpt, Design, Paint & Mixed Media, Accuracy, and Production Quality. When considering ALL of the criteria, a charmingly simple 6″ statue can be equally as impressive as a monstrous 36″ statue. A statue could be the most detailed and technically accurate statue we’ve ever seen, but if 75% of them show up to collectors with major problems, that is going to hold it back in our eyes.

That said, YOU can still vote for whatever statue you want, provided it was released between December 26, 2020 and December 25, 2021. Simply type the name of your choice in the ‘Other’ box on the vote form. Ensure the statue you want to vote for is licensed and meets the criteria of the category, otherwise your vote will be wasted!

How do I vote?

You simply have to use the handy vote form above, and log in with your Facebook account. You can only vote 1 time! Don’t bother trying to cheat, we will catch you!

For 2021, you can also vote using Bmutha’s Instagram Stories – a different category will available to vote on each day throughout the voting week.

What happens if there is a tie?

Bmutha saves his personal vote until the end. In the rare event there is a tie (it has happened in the past), Bmutha will break it with his vote, so that there is one distinct winner in each category.

How can I support Statue Awards?

Statue collecting is our passion, and we gladly put in the work throughout the year to bring this event to collectors around the world. But, if you truly want to help, all that we ask is that you consider giving our Facebook page and Instagram page a ‘Like‘, and subscribing to our new YouTube channel. Doing so truly does help, so we appreciate your consideration.