Loki, The God of Mischief!

Queen Studios latest “Variant”, the mischievous Loki! A life-sized bust with jaw-dropping details…check it out here!

Queen Studios Thanos Review

With Queen Studios quickly building an excellent track record in the collectibles industry, it was just a matter of time before one of their pieces was reviewed on the channel…you could say, it was…inevitable!

Review: Captain America by Iron Studios

Captain America. Hero. Patriot. Avenger. Fearless. And, most importantly: America’s Ass.

Is this the best movie-related Captain America statue to date? Find out in this review!

Shelf Space Episode 11

Well, 2018 is quickly coming to a close, so that means it is time to recap the year that was. We will be discussing all of our favourite movies, TV shows, comics, and statues! We will also go through our predictions for the fast approaching Statue Awards event, and our outlook on 2019!

Avengers Infinity War: New Trailer!

Let’s break it down: An ominous warning from Gamora…the message: Thanos is pretty powerful. A reminder of where the known Infinity Stones lie: Eye of Agamotto, Vision’s forehead… Cap and Black Panther are friends…oh, and Wakanda is awesome! Star Lord and Iron Man meet!!!  Do they become besties? New Hulkbuster armour!! Thor brings the thunder!!! […]