Tsume-Art: Son Goku Unboxing

Another Dragon Ball Z release from Tsume-Art for 2018, the Quiet Wrath of Son Goku! This statue depicts the climactic scene of the battle with Nappa, showing Goku standing triumphant after breaking Nappa’s back! We will have a full detailed review of this statue soon, but for now, please enjoy this unboxing!

Figurama: Devilman vs Amon Review

Our first review of a Figurama piece is here! And this one is BEASTLY! It’s the Devilman vs Amon Elite Exclusive statue, and not to spoil things…it’s AWESOME!

Figurama: Attack on Titan News!

During Figurama Collectors’ big Tokyo Ghoul event this weekend in Thailand, some juicy tidbits about their upcoming Attack on Titan diorama were revealed. Come read what they had to say!

Tokyo Ghoul Discount Code

Figurama Collectors is set to launch their official Tokyo Ghoul Elite Fandom diorama on August 19th at 11pm Tokyo time (that is 10am eastern time). Start counting down…1000…993…

Figurama: Devilman vs Amon Unboxing!

Figurama Collectors finally have their first statue in the wild, and it’s a BEAST! Well, actually, it is TWO BEASTS! Check out our unboxing video here!

Figurama’s Tokyo Ghoul Revealed!

Figurama has been tantalizing fans with their first Tokyo Ghoul statue since the license reveal many months ago…today, the mask is taken off…come see the full reveal!

Figurama: Hunter x Hunter Teaser

It’s August, it’s summer, so it’s fitting that Figurama Collectors is bringing the heat revealing teaser after teaser leading up to their Tokyo Ghoul premiere event in Thailand later this month. Today’s reveal: Hunter X Hunter!

Figurama: Tokyo Ghoul Teaser!

Figurama Collectors has finally given Tokyo Ghoul fans what they’ve been waiting for…the official pre-order date for their highly anticipated diorama is now set for August 19th!!

Figurama License Reveal!

Figurama is unleashing Attack on Titan statues onto the world as part of their Elite Exclusive statue line!