Prime 1 Studio: Storm Shadow Review

The first Cobra ninja is the first release in Prime 1 Studio’s G.I. JOE 1/4 scale statue line. Check out our thoughts on the piece with this review video and high-res photo gallery!

Gentle Giant: April Pre-Orders

Some awesome new things coming from Gentle Giant in their latest newsletter.  Here are their latest items up for order: Venom Animated Statue The 17th, yes, 17th entry into the Marvel Animated line is Venom!  Very cool concept here that fits with the tone of the other pieces.  I recently received the Daredevil animated statue, […]

HMO: Medusa Beastly Beauties 1/2 Scale Bust Review

Released: April 2016 Edition Size: 500 Product Size: 17″ H x 6.5″ W x 6.5″ D Product Weight: approx. 9 lbs. Design Team: Mufizal (Sculpt), Kobe Sek (Design), The H.M.O. Collectibles Design and Development Team Original Retail Price: $299 USD plus shipping Sculpt The piece is sculpted by Mufizal, who has previously done work for […]

News: Happy Collecting Day

We’re in!  Positivity in the hobby should be embraced by everyone.  This is a hobby that should bring enjoyment regardless of which brands, characters, licenses you like to collect.  November 3 and 4th…we will mark that in our calendar, and maybe even arrange something special for the day.

Sideshow: New Daredevil and Elektra

Two Premium Format Figures teased during the 12 Days of Sideshow event, here is the first look at Daredevil and Elektra! I know DD is sculpted by super talent, Daniel Bel…I am unsure who did Elektra yet.  Both are definitely sporting a modernized look, with that segmented costume style that is so popular these days.  […]

Gentle Giant: Daredevil Animated Statue

A brand new arrival at, here is a first look at the Daredevil Animated Statue from Gentle Giant.  This piece is smaller in size, but packs a huge helping of “adorbs”! Daredevil is the 13th piece in the ever expanding Animated line from Gentle Giant that already features the likes of Thor, Star Lord, […]

Kinetiquettes: Guilty Gear Dizzy Pre-Order

From the popular Guilty Gear fighting game series comes Kinetiquettes new diorama, Dizzy! Here is what you need to know: Price: $649 USD Sculptor: Jon Troy Nickel a.k.a hazardous Background: Dizzy(ディズィー)is an innocent and pacifistic Commander Gear in the Guilty Gear fighting game series.  She is technically only three years old (later eight), but her body […]

Prime 1 Studio: T-800 Endoskeleton Pre-Order

The T-800 Endoskeleton, which debuted at Wonder Festival in February, is now available for pre-order HERE. I snapped the pic above at the event.  It certainly is an imposing piece…Terminator fans should be pleased!

Ryu Studio: Bleach Kurosaki Ichigo concept art

New concept art by Studio HIVE for Ryu Studio’s upcoming Kurosaki Ichigo, from the Bleach anime…they look to have the makings of an amazing piece.  I am looking forward to seeing this one develop.

XM Studios: Megatron teaser!!

A new rendering teaser from XM Studios today…the Decepticon leader never looked so badass!  I have to say it…all hail Megatron!

XM Studios: Cyclops Teaser

XM Studios revealed a teaser rendering of their upcoming Cyclops statue…wow, this is a Jim Lee inspired version of the X-Men leader, and Mr. Summers has never looked so good. XM is known to give several options with their statues, so I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for this guy! […]