Want Some Tongue Action?

Canadian based company, PureArts, has just unveiled a new Resident Evil 2 LIFT SIZE bust…the Licker! You can support Bmutha Reviews by purchasing this bust with our affiliate link, HERE!

Razor-sharp tongue, vicious claws, and never-ending hunger for flesh… Lickers are one of the most disturbing creatures you can ever imagine encountering.

PureArts and Capcom are proud to bring this terrifying creature from the world of the survival horror video game series Resident Evil to life in a full-sized 1/1 scale bust as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Resident Evil series! 

 Get ready for the release of one of the creepiest, deadliest creatures from the survival-horror franchise launching on March 25th at 1 PM EST (5pm GMT).

• Huge 1/1 scale detailed sculpt with detailed exposed muscle tissue and brain and massive teeth
• Licker design based off the recent re-imagining from Resident Evil 2
• Removeable replica knife made in soft resin with a bloodied blade*
• Limitation: 666 units + 100 PureArts Exclusives (Signed Art Print)

*Disclaimer: PureArts does not sell REAL WEAPONS. All the items presented here are props and meant for display purposes only with no sharp edges and are flexible. The manufacturer, distributor, and/or seller are not responsible for the improper use of these items.

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